Stephen King-Revealed

Stephen king is a dedicated American author. He specializes in terrorizing people with creating horror-fiction masterpieces.

With around 56 novels published (“”), he is well notarized. His work usually reflects how he is a Maine native. Stephen Edwin King is the king of horror because he remembers his influential background, has an ominous view on life, and has left his mark on the world. Stephen king reflects his past into his work, and he has quite a peculiar background. Stephen is not a youngster; he is well into his sixties.

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He was born on September 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine. His parents, Donald and Nellie King, are divorced. His father scarred him when he was 2 and went out to purchase cigarettes one night, and never returned. King’s gawky teenage years were spent at Lisbon Falls High school. He continued and took his education further. He studied at the University of Maine at Orono on scholarship.

He worked his way up to a Bachelor in English and a minor in speech. As a child, he was moved around a lot; never stayed in one place. He actually was a surprise miracle baby. His mother was incapable of conception, but baby Stephen made an appearance. Before his birth, David King was adopted into the family in 1945. As he got older, King’s life took a slight “symbolic” turn.

He experienced a tragic event that would leave anyone with a serious case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He witnessed his friend get hit by a van. In the present, he has no memory of the event. Psychologists suggest this could have had a lingering mental effect on him and influenced his dark work later on in life. King’s career is composed of many interesting memorable factors. Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelley, and H.

P. Lovecraft are a few of his literature role-models and major influences. When he was young he discovered a dusty forgotten box containing his father’s old horror and sci-fi novels in the attic. Stephen devoured and read them all. H.

P. was among the stash. Soon after, when he was seven he composed his own stories and sold them locally. This is what started his career, even if it was sloppy hand written stories for a couple coins. Later, his amateur stories advanced to his first small sell as a professional of $35 dollars for “The Glass Floor.” His first published novel was Carrie, in 1974.

As an adult he had quite a bit to overcome. He suffered from severe alcoholism and drug abuse. He cleaned his act up eventually, but not before his wife threatened to leave him due to his addiction. His family staged an emotional intervention for him in the 1980’s. Another obstacle he faces is when creating his literature he has to deal with the fears he writes about. Thus making the writing more raw and real.

Stephen is a valuable legacy and has impacted the world greatly; he has changed many lives. King’s popularity comes from his ability to create stories in which evil occurs in ordinary situations (“notable biographies”). In many cases he offers a way to get through grief, or encouraging his readers to face their fears. He has set the bar high for other horror authors. No one will ever look at that genre the same ever again. He is the first author to have three, four, and five titles appear at the same time on New York Bestsellers list.

In 1998 he ranked 31st on Forbes top 40 lists of entertainers. Stephen is the face of a role model, because he and his wife, Tabitha, have created a non-profit organization. Founded in 1986, it is an opportunity to give back to the community. It focuses on projects that highlight the causes of social and environmental conflicts. Stephen is very modest. In an interview with Yankee Magazine he said, “I’m leery of thinking im somebody, because nobody really is.

Everybody is able to do something well, but in this country there’s a premium put on stardom.” He donates large amounts of time and money to the University of Maine; his alma mater. He has frequently donated to swimming and diving teams at the school. His kindness attracts students to the University. Stephen Edwin King is the king of horror because he remembers his influential background, has an ominous view on life, and has left his mark on the world.

He has the world at his fingertips. Everyone is anticipating his next career move, wanting to be enticed once more. An individual who can complete a classic story in a week is notable. That is what Stephen is, outstanding and notable. He will always be captivating and make you want to follow your dreams.

No matter how dark and sinister they may be.