Steve and Davis Case Study

Question 1 Davis work style is detached form the reality and fails to acknowledge the changing market styles that exist and hardships that are hitting the industry of operation.

He refuses to acknowledge that the market has been shifting to IT based booking and insists on maintaining the status Quo. Green on the other hand is dynamic and seeks to match the economic reality and the goals projections. Question 2 Green performance is impressive especially if it is matched with his age. He has managed to pull major business deals for Dynamic Displays. He is intelligent and challenges what he thinks is unreaistic. Since his boss’ approach to work is in the unrealistic realm, he is seen to perform dismally as he does not measure to the expectation of Davis.

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Question 3Davis may be frustrating green deliberately as he felt that his authority as not recognized by his boss, McDonald in the process of appointing green. McDonald on the other hand may be grooming green as a possible force to recon with when it comes to marketing as he has proved to be a reliable person when it comes to pursuing business. Question 4 To correct the sore relationship between Green and Davis, there is need for the two actors to woork as a team. Davis should be encouraged to negotiate on what appears as the feasible strategy with his subordinates such as Green to ensure that the growth strategies that they come up with are feasible. This way the two conflicting parties shall be able to work without too much tension.

Question 5To develop an effective boss-subordinate relationship, according to Hill, (2009), a boss should be a servant of his subordinates, not a dictator. This way the relationship of these two categories of workers will be fruitful to the company as they shall counter enlighten each other based on the knowledge that each group possesses.