Argumentative Essay on Still Just Kids

Lazy, arrogant, obnoxious, rude, and annoying. This is what some people think when 7th graders are mentioned. They immediately assume we’re all bad kids because of what they hear other people say, but the truth is, we aren’t all like that. The truth is we are just the same as any other grade. The truth is we are different than what some people would expect. We aren’t all lazy, or obnoxious, or arrogant.

We aren’t all annoying and rude. We’re just kids. 7th graders’ being “bad kids” is a terrible stereotype that, unfortunately, some people make. Maybe they’ve heard bad things from principles, or maybe even teachers, but in real life, we aren’t all we’re cracked up to be. Most people who think we’re bad kids have probably just hit a bump in the road. Sure, they might have had to teach a crazy class, or maybe they’ve dealt with a rambunctious trouble-maker, but they then make the stereotype that all of us are like that.

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But we aren’t. We are just being kids. We have fun, we play, and we laugh. “You have to grow up,” some people say. Others, “You are so immature!” But they are wrong.

Yah, some 7th graders act like five-year-olds, but most of us just want to enjoy life while we can and live it to the fullest. We do our work, we get good grades, and we even do chores. We think that should be enough, but for some adults, it just isn’t. They want us to grow up and “join the rest of the mature population.” But honestly, c’mon! We’re just 12 and 13-year-olds.

We’re just reaching teenager and people already think we should act more like adults. People say we’re bad kids, but that’s just it! We’re kids! Just kids. And some kids tend to be “bad”, but that’s part of being a kid. Kids aren’t all at the same maturity stage at the same time. And no matter what, there will always be a few trouble-makers. Even in 7th grade, we’re still just kids.