Strategic Management Analysis of Pak Suzuki

Assign By: Syed Nawab Course Instructor Group Member: Junaid Akhtar 0936115 Jay Kumar 0936113 Farhan Khan 0936___ Mujahid Hussain 0936123 [pic] ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Almighty Allah, who enabled us to undertake such an important task and to study about Pak Suzuki and the Strategies to operate in Pakistan Marketing. We also wish to acknowledge the valuable guidance provided by our respected teacher Mr. Syed Nawab.

He always motivated and encouraged us in the completion of this report.

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We are thankful to Mr. Abdul Aziz who is the Production Manager in Pak Suzuki in Head Office Karachi and entire Pak Suzuki Management. They appreciated the efforts of SZABIST. They have provided all the relevant data as well as other information relating to the important independent variables.

CHAIRMANS REVIEW In Year 2009 the demand for automobile was sluggish . The industry for cars and light commercial vehicles experienced 29% decline in the sales volume. The industry sold 107,768 units during the year against 151,517 units last year.

It’s my pleasure to present review on the performance of the company for the year December 31, 2009 The demand has depressed during the year due to cost push inflation resulting from depreciation of Pak rupee, limited financing by banks/leasing companies and general economics recession. First half of the year was the worst. Sales volume during this period has dropped by 53% compared to last period of last year.

Second half was some what better than first half year. As it was grew by 33% over the first half year. The market size of motorcycle has marginal improved by 2% over the last year in the organized sector.

During the year 593,479 units were sold against 580,604 units last year. During the first half year Demand was 25% lower than same period of last year.

However this loss of demand was offset by the increased demand latter half year. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY MARKETING ; EXPORTS Suzuki product remain popular . Despite sluggish market demand for automobile, Pak Suzuki remain market leader with 48% market share. The company launched new 1300cc car (SWIFT) in January 2010. This has been well accepted by the customers. Imported used cars do not really pose any threats to Suzuki products.

Availability of spare parts at economics prices and reliable after sales service are the strength of Suzuki products. The export of Suzuki Ravi pickup to Bangladesh and exports of sheet metal parts of Suzuki Cultus to Europe going well. During the year Three hundred and sixty units of Suzuki Ravi pick up and parts worth Rs. 120 million and Rs. 22 million respectively were exported. LOCALIZATION The company continues to pursue localization in order to reduce the cost of product and keep the prices competitive besides saving foreign exchange.

HUMAN RESOURCE Management and employee relations continued to cordial and industrial peace prevail during the year. A new charter of demand was negotiated in a congenial atmosphere and agreement was entered into for the period of ten years. Human Resource development remains one of the key objectives of the company. Company spent Rs. 12.

5 million on the foreign and local training of its employees. ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION The company has distinctive position in an automobile industry as leading contributor to the public exchequer.

The duties and tax paid and the foreign exchange saved by company its last six years of operations as follows: [pic] Duties and taxes paid by the company during the year represent 0. 6%of the total tax estimate forecast in the Federal budget for the fiscal year 2009-2010. Company contribution has reduced 1. 06% in the last year because of lower sales volume.

SUMMARY CONCLUSION The management is optimistic that economic indicator is improving. How ever it feels that difficult business environment are likely to continue for some time and profitability will remain under pressure. Table of Contents |S.

NO |Title |Page No | | |Introduction |01 | | |Corporate Strategy |09 | | |Situation Analysis |10 | | |SWOT Analysis |19 | | |PEST Analysis |21 | | |Consumer Research and Marketing Mix |23 | | |Market Analysis |25 | | |Business Strategy |28 | | |BCG matrix with PLC |29 | |X |Environmental Policy |33 | |XI |Bibliography |35 | Introduction Pak Suzuki Motors Ltd. is a company assembling and distributing Suzuki Japan’s cars in Pakistan. Currently they are one of the most successful motor companies in Pakistan.

The firm was founded in 1983 as a joint venture between PAK and Suzuki, formalizing the arrangement by which Awami Auto Ltd. had produced the Suzuki SS80 from 1982. Suzuki originally owned 25% of the stock, and has gradually increased their holding; they now own 73. 09%. The company now assembles a wide range of Suzuki vehicles and aims to produce 150,000 vehicles per year. (2005 production was 100,000) Our Vision To be Excellent All Around.

Our Mission To provide automobile of international quality at competitive price. These are Mission and Vision Statement of Pak Suzuki, and they always try to improve skills of employees by imparting training and inculcating in them a sense of participation. • To achieve maximum indigenization and promote the automobile vending industry. • To contribute to Pakistani society through development of industry in general and automobile industry in particular. Statement of Ethics and Business Practices Here are the code of ethics and Business Practice of Pak Suzuki Motors, 1.

Pak Suzuki insists on integrity and honesty of its employees in doing business.

Any unfair or corrupt practices to solicit business is fundamentally inconsistent with business codes of company 2. Pak Suzuki believes in compliance to regulatory obligation 3. Pak Suzuki believes in free and fair business practices and open competitive markets. Developing any association with competitors to distort the pricing and supply of products is contradictory to company’s business code of conduct. 4.

Pak Suzuki believes in transparency in business transaction and they are to be recorded accurately and fairly in books of accounts in accordance with standard procedure. 5. Pak Suzuki expects its employees to act in company’s best interest while holding confidential information.

Company expects its employees neither to solicit internal information from other nor to disclose company’s data or any other material information to any un- authorized person/body. 6. Pak Suzuki believes in individual’s respects and growth.

Its employment policies do not discriminate on basis of race, religion, gender or any other factor. 7. Pak Suzuki does not believe in political affiliation. Corporate Strategy Pak Suzuki is built on the idea of a responsible corporate citizenship thereby managing environmental, safety ; occupational health matters as an integral part of our business. In fulfilling this responsibility Pak Suzuki adheres to the following principles: 1) We are committed to provide top quality products to the satisfaction and requirement of our customers.


We conduct our operations in compliance with applicable environmental, occupational health ; safety laws and regulations. 3) We recognize the interrelationship between energy and the environment, and we promote the efficient use of energy throughout our system. 4) We ensure safe disposal of waste generated from our facility 5) We minimize the discharge of waste materials into the environment by utilizing responsible pollution control practices. 6) We will continuously seek opportunities to improve our adherence to these principles. As it is clearly mentioned in their Vision Statement that to be excellent all around, and they always operate in Environment friendly. And their Product always be the environment friendly.

With the globalization of markets, greater foreign competition, and the reduction of entry barriers, it becomes all the more important to benchmark a company’s financial indicators on a worldwide basis. World stock markets have recently witnessed a return to fundamental financial analysis. Sound management as opposed to hype will in the long run generate shareholder value. Situation Analysis In order to plan in a better way we have to perform situation analysis ? General Environment ? Product Market ? Customer Market General Environment As we know most of people in Pakistan associated with middle class families and haven’t got enough money to buy a Luxurious car. So they purchase economical vehicles such as Suzuki Mehran, Alto and bikes for their convenience.

Nowadays our life becomes very fast and every one try to reach their destination as soon as possible and life style of people is continuously changing. Time is the main factor to reach and complete the work so people shift from public Transport to their personal convinence, so every one prefer to have his/her own car. According to environment of Pakistan Pak Suzuki will be most suitable in available vehicles from middle class to upper class. Product Market ? Sale Volume and Trend ? Growth Rate ? Product variety ; Prices Sale Volume Pakistan’s car sales have shown signs of improvement in the early months of 2010, largely thanks to price reductions on the part of carmakers.

Car sales of 10,372 units were up by 28% month-on-month (m-o-m) in October and were 8% higher than in October 2008.

Although this may appear to be a welcome sign of recovery after a 50% decline in car sales in FY09 (ending June 2009), the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has partly attributed the growth to a rush by consumers to buy before prices were increased again at the end of October. Several carmakers have raised prices to counter the effects of exchange-rate fluctuations, which have been adversely affecting margins. Pak Suzuki Motor Company, has once again showed great performance in the automobile sector and has maintained the sales record of the past. It has maintained 48 percent market share of the industry.

This has been informed in a recent convention that Pak Suzuki is not only the top manufacturer of car industry but also tops the list in sales of the car industry. As show in the graphs [pic][pic] [pic] Growth Rate On February 2009 Pak Suzuki has 48% market share.

The sales growth covered all car segments, but the global trend for a shift to small cars was bucked as the highest m-o-m growth came in the 1300-1600cc segment, where sales rose by 31%. The 850cc and 1000- 1300cc segments both recorded growth of 25%. For the first four months of FY10 combined (July to October), sales rose 21% to 34,553 units. However, with October’s price hikes likely to affect sales in the coming months, BMI is forecasting car sales growth of around 5%.

While we expect some correction in the market from a particularly low base in the last financial year, higher prices will drag on the market’s potential growth. Indus Motor took advantage of growth in the higher engine capacity passenger car segment, with sales of the Toyota Corolla contributing to growth of 25% y-o-y in October and growth of 77% for the first four months of the financial year. This took the company’s market share to 42% from 28% in the same period of the previous financial year. Pak Suzuki’s market share for the four months fell to 45% as its sales for the period were down 2% y-o-y, despite a 23% increase m-o-m in October and 2% y-o-y increase for the month. Product variety ; Prices Following are some varieties of Moped with their and Prices: SWIFT (1300 cc) Price: Rs. 1,049,000/-

The European inspired exterior gives Swift a distinctive look. A unique stylish and design that turns a head where you go.

The spirited engine makes for exhilarating drive and gives you ultimate freedom where the road takes you. Colors: Pearl Red, Graphite Grey, Solid white, Indigo, Silky Silver, Aqua Blue, Eminent Blue LIANA (1300 ; 1600 cc) Price: Rs. 1,230,000/- The Suzuki Liana available in 1300 cc manual transmission and 1600cc automatic transmission takes you out of ordinary and into the realm. Liana is entirely different car, its style, dimension and comfort will inspire you to see everyday as an open door to a new age. Colors: Pearl Red, Graphite Grey, Solid white,

Indigo, Silky Silver, Aqua Blue, Eminent Blue CULTUS (1000cc) Price: Rs. 897,000/- Cultus is the blend of space and craft.

Its trim body Conceals ample space ; flexblity for both passenger and storage. Cultus ensures everyone, exceptional Value and quality. Colors: Pearl Red, Graphite Grey, Solid white, Indigo, Silky Silver, Aqua Blue, Eminent Blue ALTO (1000cc) Price: Rs. 662,000/- Alto has a bright, roomy and comfortable cabin which keeps body relax and strong and lighter body shell resulting in smooth drive due to reduction of unpleasant noise harshness and vibration. Its small turning radius and compact body make parking a breeze. Colors: Olive Green, Pearl Red, Graphite Grey,

Solid white, Indigo, Silky Silver, Aqua Blue, Eminent Blue MEHRAN Price: Rs.

514,000/- Unrivalled in its class, Mehran is Pakistan’s largest selling car. More smart features like head turning lamp, matching front grill and a two spoke steering wheel gives it the tidy look. Functional economy, peak performance or unmatched fuel efficiency, Mehran VXR is the leader. Colors: Pearl Red, Graphite Grey, Solid white, Silky Silver, Eminent Blue APV Price: Rs. 1,775,000/- APV 1500 cc (Imported) The New APV gives you everything you ever wanted in your vehicle. Spacious interior for comfort, tough engine to carry large loads and plenty of room for passengers o enjoy a comfortable day long ride.

Colors: Pearl Red, Graphite Grey, Solid white, Indigo, Silky Silver, Aqua Blue, Eminent Blue JIMNY Price: Rs. 1,850,000/- JIMNY 4X4 JEEP 1300cc (Imported) Steady, sturdy and smart, Suzuki Jimny with new wide tread brings you the ultimate pleasure of a real 4-wheel drive. It has got all the sporting spirit to go along for adventurous free souls. Colors: Solid white, Silky Silver BOLAN VAN Price: Rs. 609,000/- The Suzuki Bolan Hi-roof gives you everything you ever wanted in a van.

Spacious interior for comfort, tough engine to carry large loads and plenty of room for passengers to enjoy a comfort -able day long ride.

Air-conditioned model (dual thrust) has been recently introduced. Colors: Pearl Red, Solid white, Silky Silver RAVI PICKUP Price: Rs. 489,000/- RAVI Pick Up 800cc Suzuki Ravi is the veritable cargo vehicle with an amazing capacity for load bearing and durability. Undoubtedly, the unrivalled commercial vehicle in its class, Ravi is the bread winner for millions in Pakistan. This light comm.

-ercial vehicle referred to as the mini revolution, replaced the animal-drawn vehicles in Pakistan. Colors: Pearl Red, Solid white, Silky Silver Customer Market: Customer market and customer buying behavior can be categories: ? Demographic Factor ? Life Style Usage Pattern and Behavior ? Preference of Specific end Benefit Demographic Factor: Target market of Pak Suzuki according to Age, Gender and Income: Age20 year to upwards GenderMale and Female Incomestarting from Rs. 20000 Life Style: Customer Life style of Pak Suzuki in terms of AIO can be described as ActivitiesEarly Professional, Executives, House Hold, and Business Purpose InterestPersonal Use, Luxury OpinionSensitive, Conscious, Responsible and Social Usage Pattern and Behavior: Mostly People use such vehicle for their convenience e. g. go for job and for family use, for Business Purpose.

Preference of Specific end Benefit:

Customers who use such vehicle are sensitive, conscious and responsible people. They tried their level best to save time as much as possible so they want something which is quality wise good and also affordable. SWOT ANALYSIS Strength: 1) Highest Market Share 2) Low Price Vehicles 3) Resale of Local Assembled Cars 4) Large Distribution Channels 5) Rising per capita income with changing demographic distribution 6) Highly Innovative and deep product line 7) Highly maintained supply chain 8) Well Managed and highly competitive staff 9) Well defined and beurcratic organizational structure 10) Complete understand between Distributors 11) Easy available of spare parts.

Weakness: 1) Scarcity of raw material 2) Bargaining power of supplier is low 3) Lack of coordination and linkage with Government/semi government supporting bodies 4) Less Technical Training Institute 5) Less distribution channels in sub urban Opportunities: 1) Increasing Demand for Cars 2) Efficient Efi engine 3) Large Market size to operate 4) Global spare part market 5) Space saving Small size CNG cylinders Threats: 1) Local Competitors like Toyota, and Honda 2) Foreign Investment and setup production facilities 3) Smuggling of Auto Parts 4) Inflation rate 5) Heavy Taxes 6) Competition from import cars 7) Increase of Fuel Prices PEST Analysis

Uncontrollable environment are those external factors which can prohibit us or can create hurdles between us and our business. It is also called pest analyses which are as follow: ? Political Environment Pakistan has to face lots of ups and down since its independence.

So many governments have been broken down by military authority and most of the time marsh law applied on Pakistan. In this scenario no entrepreneur was willing to invest in Pakistan except few. Due to this market environment wasn’t so good in Pakistan. Anyhow Pakistani government never been trustworthy for any investor. ? Legal Environment As all countries, Pakistan also has some legislation about each sector.

But like developing countries it is hardly being imposed by authorities. Only due to corruption government encourage smuggling and black marketing. When anyone supported by government or give more commission to Govt. get inside in the market and they have very soft behavior by government for any legal action. Such unethical activities destroy all law and legislation.

? Economic Environment Pakistan, an impoverished and underdeveloped country, has suffered from decades of internal political disputes and external ongoing conflict with India. However, IMF approved the government policies, encourages by different foreign assistance and renewed access to global market since 2001.

By following these policies government succeed to reverse the situation of economy during last five years. ? Socio-Culture Environment Pakistan has strong culture background and it has been follow in some particular region of Pakistan strictly. But with the passage of time it is going to change. Thoughts of people, choices, taste and style has been totally changed.

If we talk about the transportation source in Pakistan, People use buses, pickups etc for journey. They also have their own as well e. g. cycle, bikes etc and lots of people are pedestrian. But now the people who haven’t any source of transportation they also want something for their convenience because they wants to save their time as much as they can.

People want to use such vehicle which looks beautiful and also affordable. ? Technological Environment Technological factor also very important and we haven’t control on it. Technology is grooming with the passage of time. People also want that the product that they have is full of technology. We never control on technology for example you launched the product last year and your sale volume on that time is very high but after sometime due to latest invention a lots of substitute exist in market which affect on your business so you can’t hold on it. Consumer Research and Marketing Mix Consumer Research Perception of people about Suzuki Products: People think the product should have excellent fuel consumption and a good resale value.

? Easily availability of spare parts everywhere even in rural areas. ? The quality of product is made according to Pakistan roads and infrastructure. ? Product line extension with the very low difference of price. ? 3S (Sales, Service and spare Parts) at your door step. ? Brand Loyalty.

? People want such vehicle which doesn’t effect on their prestige and also within the range of them. So after this research we come to know that Suzuki is best choice for the customer. It is safer on the road less fuel consumption and Environment friendly product. Because of these features it is also economical. Marketing Mix Promotion

For Promotion of Pakistan Suzuki automobiles, we will use different media T.

V, Radio, Test Drive, Sponsorship, News paper etc. We will aware our target audience through above sources. Placement The distribution channels of Pak Suzuki shown in the following Diagram. [pic] Market Analysis Porter’s 5 Force The strategic business manager seeking to develop an edge over rival firms can use this model to better understand the industry context in which the firm operates. Here are the Porter’s 5 forces. 1.

Potential new entrants 2. Bargaining power of buyers 3. Bargaining power of suppliers. 4. Threat of substitutes. 5.

Industry Competition/rivalry between competitors. 1. Potential new entrants

In Pak Suzuki this can be described as • In the New Entrant category of Porter’s 5 forces, we can see that it would be tremendously difficult for another car manufacturer to enter into the market. • The rate at which the industry is changing does not allow for new entrants to come into the market very easily, and the cash investment for a new firm to produce massive quantities of cars is in the billions. 2. Bargaining power of buyers • Buyers, from the strong competition inside of the market find themselves in a very favorable position.

• Since competition is so strong between auto makers and dealers, consumers will often do research on a vehicle before making a purchase. The high quantity of dealer’s forces prices to be very negotiable and the consumer often knows exactly what the dealer paid for the car.

• Thus, consumers are in an enviable position: The market supply is strong, competition between auto makers and auto sellers is very intense, and there is no set price. • Everything is negotiable. For companies like Pak Suzuki to continue to compete, the quality of their offerings must be excellent, dealership service must be strong, and they must focus on offering consumers a product with high durability and value.

3. Bargaining power of suppliers. • Pak Suzuki’s suppliers have been known to be some of the most dedicated suppliers in the industry.

By virtue of the Just-In-Time production concept pioneered by Pak Suzuki, the auto industry itself has seen a very positive relationship develop between its suppliers and producers. • Suppliers are expected to make deliveries of parts in small quantities several times a day.

• Pak Suzuki, by reducing its part inventory, has been able to speed up production costs, save money by not letting parts sit on the shelf, and improve its relationship with parts suppliers, which rely on Pak Suzuki for their revenue. 4. Threat of substitutes • Consumer preference is changing (Mini cars are being replaced by compact or midsized cars) • Setting up integrated manufacturing facilities may require higher capital investments than establishing assembly facilities Pakistan is also likely to increasingly serve as the sourcing base for global automotive companies, and automotive exports are likely to gain increasing importance over the medium term • Pakistan passenger car market is moving towards cars of higher capacity.

5. Industry Competition/rivalry between competitors • Industry competition between auto makers is fierce. • The typical consumer, when searching for a particular vehicle is bombarded by choices.

For example, a search for ALTO (Product of Suzuki) yields a result of Coure (Daihatsu) with a minimal extra amount. ANNUAL PLANT CAPACITY |Competitor |Car Quantity  | |Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd. 68,000 | |Indus Motor Co. Ltd.

|34,000 | |Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Ltd. |30,000 | |Dewan Farooque Motors Ltd. |15,000 | |Ghandhara Nissan Ltd. |6,000 | Business Strategies Business strategies planning are to be conducted in order to know about their various businesses how each business performing. With the help these strategies we come know which business require investment and in the similar manner which require promotional activities.

We can use the same promotional activities and with the help of synergy, their different department (R;D, Marketing, Sales etc) can be shared in different business.

By utilizing the synergy efficiently we can reduce cost of product. And this strategy will help manager to identify that which SBU is falls in which categories, for that there is an analysis know as BCG Matrix Analysis which gives the detail information to the managers to carry which SBU, and how many resources should a company allocate to which Unit. In Pak Suzuki the main SBUs are 1) Swift 2) Liana 3) Cultus 4) Alto 5) Mehran 6) Ravi 7) Bolan 8) Jimny After analysis from different data we came across the BCG analysis and draw the following conclusion BCG Matrix [pic] [pic]

SBUs Analysis Mehran: Mehran has the highest growth rate in automobile sector in Pakistan. Pak Suzuki always changes the different parts of Mehran either exterior or interior whenever it comes to its maturity level Mehran attracts the people who have a salary package between 20,000 to 30,000 per month. The youngsters also prefer the Mehran because of its size and economical price. Small business people also prefer Mehran because of its low maintenance cost.

Mehran also attracts people who move from bike to the cars. Liana: Liana is a luxurious and highest price car of Pak Suzuki. It was made to compete Pak Suzuki biggest competitors like Toyota and Honda.

Liana has the same features which are available in Corolla and Civic but still it couldn’t make its market as compare to both these cars. Liana has replaced the Pak Suzuki’s Baleno in 2005-06, since Pak Suzuki tried several ways to establish its position but failed to do so.

It was made for a people of high income group but due to high prices in which the market was already giving names like corolla and civic who has their strong brand name and customer loyalty, liana was failed to capture the market. Swift: Due to failure of Liana Pak Suzuki introduced another 1300cc car in Jan 2009. Swift has all the latest features like power steering, central locking, Auto Transmission and the ABS.

All the 1300cc cars in Pakistan have price range of 1300000 to 1400000, while Swift was introduced at 999000 and recently it was increased at 1049000. It has still advantage of price competition as compare to other 1300cc cars in Pakistan. Ravi: Ravi is for the people doing small business especially cargo services like home delivery services, TCS and market delivery.

All people doing business of these types are loyal customers to Ravi. Although the competitor launched the Shehzore which has captured the some market share of Ravi but although its sell did not decline too much. PRODUCTION ; SALE OF SOME VEHICLE FROM 2005-2009 |Name | |2005-2006 |2006-2007 |2007-2008 |2008-2009 | |Mehran |P 35,433 |36,988 |36,249 |13,239 | | |S |35,982 |37,007 |35,526 |13,421 | | | | | | | | |Alto |P |17,513 |21,546 |18,805 |6,641 | | |S |16,823 |21,988 |19,097 |6,550 | | | | | | | | |Cultus |P |16,823 |21,988 |19,097 |6,550 | | |S |21,390 |29,837 |27,563 |9,198 | | | | | | | | |Bolan |P |10,429 |15,520 |17,250 |9,639 | | |S |10,451 |15,566 |17,209 |8,664 | | | | | | | | |Liana |P |5,370 |5,964 |2,605 |684 | | |S |4,571 |6,067 |2,983 |851 | | | | | | | | |Ravi |P |5,418 |10,117 |11,828 |12,643 | | |S |5,416 |10,098 |11,857 |11,900 | Product Expansion

Pak Suzuki also deals in motorcycle and also in Marine equipment, and they have a variety of Product line expansion in Motor bikes is also one of the largest customers size to operate and has a high market size to fulfill the needs of the customers. It also operates in the spare parts of the vehicles and Motor bikes. So they are also operate in vertical integrated, and sometimes the company made different venture to fulfill the needs of its customer, such as it has joint venture with General tier for it products.

In Marine segment, the Company is manufacturing the Equipments for ships, it is also one of the largest area to operate, so here the Pak Suzuki plays the role of Business ventures and the transaction at this level is B2B Transaction.

Environmental Policy As a general manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, outboard motors, etc. Suzuki addresses environmental conservation at all stages in its operations from development to disposal. In product development, we make every effort to improve fuel economy, reduce exhaust emissions and noise, and develop clean energy vehicles, etc. In manufacturing, we address issues such as reducing environmental risk, reducing energy, and promoting the use of alternative energy.

In distribution, we focus on improving transportation efficiency and energy reduction, promoting the three Rs and the use of low emission transport. In marketing, we address issues related to promoting environmental management at our dealers and proper disposal of end-of-life products, etc.

In addition to activities related to production, we also promote energy reduction and green purchasing in our offices, provide our employees with environmental education, promote environmental management at our dealers, and provide social action programs in local communities. Suzuki 2008 Environmental and Social Report (web version) Future Outlook of the Company: In Future company is going to offer a new activity for it’s potential and Targeted customers Suzuki Insurance Arrangement Program It is a complete peace of mind solution to all your Auto Insurance needs exclusively available at Pak Suzuki authorized dealerships. This is a Customer focused Auto Insurance Program with the following distinct features: a) Best premium rates ) Online/Instant policy issuance (Walk in – Drive out Insured) c) Exclusively Repairs at Pak Suzuki Authorized Dealer workshops only d) Quality Repairs Using Suzuki Genuine parts with 6 Months Warranty on parts e) Largest Country Wide Dealer Network Support f) Call Center facility g) Fastest claim settlement time.



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News Papers, Business Review magazines ———————– Dog Swift Question Mark Jimny Bolan Mehran Alto Cultus Ravi Liana APV Star Cash Cow High Low Low High Market Growth Bolan Jimny APV Liana Ravi Cultus Alto Mehran Market Share Swift