Strategic Management of Human Resources

The personnel department of an organization plays an important role in appointing the staff members and ensuring that several other functions with relation to the human resources such salaries, benefits, development, training, support, etc are taken care of (City of Phoenix PD, 2007).  A good personnel department would be able to select the best human resources and would be appropriately compensating them for the high quality services that they would provide (Rio Grande City Personnel Department, 2007).

  It is very important for the organization to know that in order to fulfil the objectives; a lot would depend on the competence of the human resources.  The organization should be having certain policies, customs, ideas and practices using which the human resources would be selected (Kumar, 2006).  The personnel department could play a major role in motivating the staff members.Roles and Functions of the Personnel Department:-The personnel department would be having several responsibilities towards the development of the human resources in the organization.  These include:-Maintaining daily administration of the human resources.

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Providing support to the fulltime and the part-time staff members.Providing advice to the other departments regarding the administration of the staff members.Maintaining some amount of discipline in the staff members.Defining any threat that would be present to the staff members and accordingly developing solutions to them.Providing some kind of support and assistance to the recruitment board.

Ensuring the budget required to maintain the human resources is obtained and further compensation is provided to the staff members.Ensuring that in the field of administration some amount of research, analysis and evaluation is conducted.To perform monitoring, evaluation and performance appraisal for the staff members.To ensure that the vacancies present in the organization are intimated to the public in an appropriate manner.Conducting interviews, background checks and screening testsEnsuring records of the staff members are maintained adequately.Acquiring and updating data and testimonials of the staff members.

Ensuring that the employment laws of the land are being followed and not violated.It would help settle any cases in which the employment laws have been infringed.Ensure that the need for training is determined and that the staff members are being trained appropriately.To ensure that the health and safety of the staff members are effectively met.To ensure that the staff members are properly insured.To ensure that the retired staff are enjoying the benefits are suggested by the rules.

To ensure that rules regarding leave, vacation and sickness are strongly adhered to.To provide the staff members with assistance in several spheres such as tax savings, investment benefits, insurance, family benefits, residential facilities, etc.To ensure that employee development and growth activities are carried out in the organisation.To ensure that employee rewards and punishment are awarded as and when required.To ensure that there is no discrimination of the staff members.

In the 1990’s, it was realised that the personnel department had a major role to play in bringing about effectiveness in the organisation and ensuring it stays competitive in the market.  Personnel managers have a great role to play in the strategic management of the organisation.  The business organisation would have to develop very flexible objectives as the situation in the market is rapidly changing.  The organisation should be able to understand that success can be brought about by the human resources.  Some of the three major goals that the human resources should keep in mind include competitiveness, customer satisfaction and higher quality standards.  Personnel management does seem to have a lot of challenges (Monks, 1996).

There are several ways in which the personnel department could improve the strategic value to the organisation:-To motivate the staff members and maintain a strong and healthy employment relationship.To ensure that the appropriate human resources are selected during the recruitment stages (that would have appropriate knowledge, skills and competency levels).To ensure that the quality standards are maintained in the organisation at all costs.During the 1970’s, when industries were flourishing, the personnel department was usually concerned with maintaining strong industrial relationships.  They had to ensure that proper labour laws were being maintained and the staff members were satisfied with the wages and the number of hours of work.

  The organisation did not give much importance to personnel welfare.  However, in the 1990’s following the realisation that the human resources play a very important role, the organisation has given greater among of importance to employee welfare.  They have given special consideration to the personnel department as slowly it is emerging as one of the most powerful department that is present in the organisation (Monks, 1996).