Strategic Operations Issues- Textprint Sri Lanka

Ltd (Based on Slack et al, 2012 p. 232, figure 7. 7) The ongoing process for the fabric printing process in Texturing Lankan is initialized with the development of the print artwork which is later approved by the customer for bulk production.

From there onwards the operational process can be summarized as below; print development customer approval for the design order confirmation inventory planning fabric sourcing 10% inspection on fabric printing process fixation , washing ND relaxation process quality assurance customer delivery Figure 04: Production process of Texturing Lankan Pit.

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Ltd The above summarized process of Texturing Lankan is applied in 2 different processes in the organization. These two programs are called the rapid program and the seasonal program. These programs are created according to the customer requirement and the characteristics of each program are as below (Hearth KIP, 2014); Rapid program Lead time of 10 days. Average mom of fabric per order.

Orders are unpredictable. Order quantities may differ up to the maximum agreed capacity. Seasonal program Lead time of 28 days. Average 70 mom of fabric per order. Orders are predicted all throughout the year in 4 seasons.

Seasonal quantities are usually the same amount. Table 01 : Summary of production processes available at Texturing Lankan Pit. Ltd According to the above mentioned table, the two programs differ in various aspects but currently in the operational process, the inventory holding system has become the most critical. 8 2. 2.

Identification of the inventory issue currently faced by Texturing Lankan In order to ensure the customer satisfaction of the final printed products, and to provide a liable service, the role of inventory management in Texturing Lankan is considered one of the most significant aspects in its operational process.

Identification of the types of inventories, currently in the process of Texturing Lankan is as follows; Physical inventories Inventories Queues of customers Information in databases Printing chemicals waiting for the fabric Washing chemicals to Machinery production. Supplements for print Manufacturing deliver plants start Buying office customer details Direct customer details plant details Customers waiting for Supplier information the developed samples placements Production details to give the approval and to proceed with the order confirmation.

Table 02: Types of inventories available at Texturing Lankan Pit. Ltd As shown in the above table, the inventory of fabric which is the core raw material for the whole operational process plays a vital role which has lead the organization to a capital tied up situation.

The main reason for this situation is that the company has agreed the customers to have 20,mom of fabric yardage in stock at any given time, so that when there is a rushed order placement, the fabric sourcing lead time will not be an obstacle for the production (Hearth KIP, 2014).