Strategic Plan of Hp

Analysis and Strategic Plan of Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard’s operations are organized into seven segments: Services, Enterprise Storage and Servers (ESS), HP Software, the Personal Systems Group (PSG), the Imaging and Printing Group (IPG), HP Financial Services (HPFS), and Corporate Investments. Services, ESS and HP Software are reported collectively as a broader HP Enterprise Business. In April 2010, the Company completed its acquisition of 3Com Corporation.

In July 2010, the Company completed the acquisition of Palm, Inc. Palm). In September 2010, the Company acquired Fortify Software. In September 2010, the Company acquired 3PAR Inc. , a global provider of utility storage.

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In October 2010, the Company acquired ArcSight, Inc. , a security and compliance management company. (Reuter. com, 2011) Two classmates, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, from Stanford University founded HP in 1939. The company’s first product, built in a Palo Alto garage, was an audio oscillator, an electronic test instrument used by sound engineers.One of HP’s first customers was Walt Disney Studios, which purchased eight oscillators to develop and test an innovative sound system for the movie Fantasia. (HP. com, 2011) While HP began as a company that produced all sorts of electronic products, their first focus was on test products like counters and voltmeters. Later on in the sixties, HP ended up becoming the founder of Silicon Valley. They got into semiconductors in the early sixties and by 1966, they entered the computer market with the HP 2100 and the HP1000.These were sturdy models that lasted for a good twenty years before more advancement saw screen keys and the HP 2640 rise to the occasion.

(HP. com, 2011) 1984 saw the emergence of their first inkjet and laser printers. These were meant for the desktop. Later on in the 90s, HP rose in popularity, marketing their computers to the average consumer and opening an online store to help reach them. HP printers were everywhere. (Strokes, 2011) Now, HP printers lead the country in reliable printing supplies and devices.

Many different models are available making them suitable for home, small businesses and corporations. It is pretty easy to find a household with an HP computer, printer, digital camera and other devices. People tend to stick with one brand and HP offers everything a person might need for their office. (PrintCountry. com, 2010) HP has successful lines of printers, scanners, digital cameras, calculators, PDAs, servers, workstation computers, and computers for home and small business use; many of the computers came from the 2002 merger with Compaq.

HP today promotes itself as supplying not just hardware and software, but also a full range of services to design, implement, and support IT infrastructure. (HP. com, 2011) Products and technology associated with IPG include LaserJet and inkjet printers, consumables and related products, Officejet, Designjet and Scitex Large Format Printers, Indigo Digital Press, HP Web Jetadmin printer management software, HP Output Management suite of software, Lightscribe optical recording technology, HP Photosmart digital cameras and photo printers, HP Spam and Snapfish by HP a photo sharing and photo products service.On December 23, 2008, HP released iPrint Photo for iPhone a free downloadable software application that allows the printing of 4″ x 6″ photos. (Wikipedia.

com, 2011) HP’s Personal Systems Group (PSG) includes business PCs and accessories, consumer PCs and accessories, (e. g. , HP Pavilion, Compaq, Presario, VoodooPC), handheld computing (e. g. , iPAQ Pocket PC), and digital “connected” entertainment (e. g.

, HP MediaSmart TVs, HP MediaSmart Servers, HP MediaVaults, DVD+RW drives).HP Enterprise Business (EB) incorporates HP Technology Services, Enterprise Services (an amalgamation of the former EDS, and what was known as HP Services), HP Software Division, and Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking Group (ESSN). The Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking Group (ESSN) oversee “back end” products like storage and servers. HP’s networking business unit ProCurve is responsible for the family of network switches, wireless access points and routers. They are currently a business unit of ESSN. (Procurve.

om, 2010) HP Software Division is the company’s enterprise software unit. For years, HP has produced and marketed its brand of enterprise management software, HP OpenView. HP Software sells three categories of software: IT performance management, IT management software and information management software. HP’s Office of Strategy and Technology has HP Labs, the research arm of HP. Founded in 1966, HP Labs’s function is to deliver new technologies and to create business opportunities that go beyond HP’s current strategies.An example of recent HP Lab technology includes the Memory Spot Chip.

(Robinson, 2010) HP IdeaLab further provides a web forum on early-state innovations to encourage open feedback from consumers and the development community. As a global company, HP is dedicated to free trade and the reduction of barriers across borders. Free trade provides companies increased market access in developed and developing countries alike, allowing companies to expand their product and service offerings, as well as increase consumer access and choice.Enhanced market access can spur economic growth, foster new jobs, enable entrepreneurialism, enhance education, and raise standards of living. Opening global markets for products and services can be achieved through the effective negotiation of trade agreements. HP’s objective is to work to support the favorable resolution during negotiation processes.

(HP. com, 2011) From the Executive team at HP is Leo Apotheker who became HP’s new permanent CEO (on September 30, 2010) and Ray Lane, Managing Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers was elected to the position of non-executive Chairman.Both appointments were effective November 1, 2010. Elevating businesses most critical to customers and which play a key role in delivering on the opportunities the company sees as the IT industry evolves, Dave Donatelli, executive vice president, Enterprise Servers, Storage, Networking and Technology Services, and Bill Veghte, executive vice president, Software, and Jan Zadak, executive vice president, Global Sales, will facilitate efforts to better leverage the full HP portfolio to deliver integrated solutions for customers and partners.On September 5, 2006, Newsweek revealed that HP’s general counsel, at the behest of chairwoman Patricia Dunn, contracted a team of independent security experts to investigate board members and several journalists in order to identify the source of an information leak (Kaplan, 2006). In turn, those security experts recruited private investigators who used a spying technique known as pretexting.

The pretexting involved investigators impersonating HP board members and nine journalists in order to obtain their phone records. Most HP employees accused of criminal acts have since been acquitted (Kaplan, 2006).