Street Legend

Tupac grew up in a rough area. He hung around the wrong crowd, his mom was addicted to drugs, He even sold drugs and was part of violent activity but he turned his life around by educating others, he became very religious, and helped create organizations to help people in his community.

Some people think tupac should notbe taught in classrooms and some people think he should. In my opinion i think tupac should be taught in classrooms because he impacted and changed a lot of lives. Tupac was affected by his dress code when he was young because in ” Holler If You Hear Me “, It states that “The kids of the school, and his neighborhood for that matter, did not take to tupac very well at all. To them he looked funny, like some kind of square reject type.” Where he was from clothing was the key.

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Dyson is saying that tupac did not fit the dress code so it made it really difficult to fit in as a kid. There was really nothing he can do he was a kid and his family did not have that much money. Tupac used the word “n****” a lot in his raps & language but he didn’t use it in a negative way. Dyson stated, ” Tupac used the word “n****” as never ignorant always getting goals accomplished. In holler if you hear me it states that ” Thus, it deprives racist whites of the prerogative of naming blacks in harmful ways, since blacks have adapted it to their culture in playful or at least signifying fashion. ” I think the word nigga is not a negative word.

. He focused on his passion into his rap and acting career Michael Eric Dyson states, ” Tupac explored the depths of his desire and potential in rap and drama with unbelievable focus and intensity.” In holler if you hear me, Dyson is saying that tupac was focused and really determined to be successful in the rap game. I also think lived a religious life because he was poor and i think he prayed & prayed for a miracle to happen. In holler if you hear me dayson says, ” By his own admission, Tupac was bitter about the poverty he was reared in.

” dyson is saying that tupac was pissed about the neighborhood he lived in. In my opinion tupac was an educated man who wanted to change the way the world was. Tupac should be taught in class because he was a big part in the mid 1900s. He impacted a lot of lives with his raps & poetry.