Student Free Essay

Student # 1:  (1.

)  It could help nurses to evaluate, and study their patients carefully thru a proper clinical/medical, psychological, spiritual, and/or support services given by the course.(2.)  The more experienced a nurse is, the more skills she has for caring of the patients.Student # 2:  (1.)  It influences, if s/he could give extensive or poor information regarding the course from her/his past educational experience.  (2.

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)  If the course is focused only on a specified topic such as ‘managing relapse’ but, if the outline of the course focuses on greater aspects, mostly it won’t influence or affect the course.  (3.)  It could help to give further information and the clinician could easily sympathize with patients.Student # 3 (No given questions)Student # 4:  (1.)  Donor recruitment has an impact on blood donations because it will increase the number of blood donors and will increase the blood donations as well.(2.

)  Donor retention has an impact on blood donations because it could help to retain the blood donors whom could also help to increase the blood donations.Student # 5 & 7:  Gender/sex is determined for amount of fruit and vegetable intake but not the availability of fruits and vegetables because there is other substitute for certain kind of fruits and vegetables in terms of nutrient content.Student # 6:  (1.)  Yes, experience of the healthcare practitioner influences oral cancer screening practices.  (2.)  Yes, the degree acquired by the healthcare practitioner influences oral cancer screening practices.

Student # 8:  (1.)  The patient could become more knowledgeable if he seeks to find risk reducing factors.  (2.)  Gender does not play a part in the amount of patient’s knowledge about heart disease.Student # 9:  (1.

)  Yes, an outline or classroom program will provide better outcomes for education of patients with heart failure.  (2.)  The experience of the educator could improve the outcomes for an education program on heart failure.