Student Information System

Student Information System We’ve heard that those who work for small higher education institutions live by a certain mantra: “Recruit. Retain. Solicit. ” Sound familiar? Sounds easy enough — but not when it’s a task that needs to be completed for each of your hundreds or even thousands of students. Almost every higher education institution uses software to store its data.

You wouldn’t accept an applicant’s information without having a place to put it, and accepting applications is just the beginning of the cycle — once students are accepted, you need to ensure that you store their information in a secure place, keep it up to date, and share it with all your institution’s offices so it can be used easily and efficiently throughout each student’s entire lifecycle.

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Blackbaud’s solution for small colleges — Blackbaud Student Information System — makes it easier for you and your staff to overcome your daily challenges so your institution stands apart from the rest. There are many benefits of Blackbaud Student Information System: Your admissions office can: * Easily import data from external sources Identify your best prospective students, how many applicants you have, and next steps to move each applicant through the process * Accept inquiries and applications online with our NetInquiry and Online Application solutions * Capture information needed for admissions, such as education history, activities, test scores, interview notes, and more * Track detailed relationships of applicants and students to assist in the recruiting process * Perform any type of demographic analysis (ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. * Communicate application status via letters, emails, or your website * Standardize, simplify, and expedite the process with communication and checklist management features

* Keep financial aid information, including qualification and grant amounts, in one central location, simplifying the student billing process Your registrar’s office can: Easily create grade reports and transcripts that reflect your institution’s style with several different formatting options * Enjoy flexible scheduling options to handle your unique needs * Easily register students for classes online and offline * See where students stand on credits and requirements with degree tracking and audit functionality * Create grade point averages according to your institution’s policies * Perform institutional research with easy-to-use query and reporting tools * Simplify the production of campus directories and specialized lists with easy-to-use query and reporting tools * Track multiple address/contact methods, allowing you to send mail to the appropriate place at the appropriate time