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Obesity – Gastric By-Pass and other Surgical Options – how to decrease associated complications How to Combat Childhood Obesity in Elementary Schools Issues Related to Inclusion in the Classroom How Teachers Can Help At Risk Hispanic Students in Elementary School Government Bail-out Issues The Truth about Bilingual Education and the Ineffectiveness of English-only Programs Why the Selling of Organs Should Be Legalized for the Purpose of Organ Transplants The need for Affirmative Action in Business The Effects of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on the College Student Why

Institutions should Develop Eating Disorder Prevention Programs centered on the Promotion of Individual Self-Esteem Research Paper/Long Report Topics Understanding Espalier’s Syndrome, the affect it has on students with the syndrome, Teaching Methods to increase Reading Levels in Elementary School The need for Music to be included in school curriculum Diversity In the Workplace Institutions Should Develop Eating Disorder Prevention Programs Centered on the Promotion of Individual Self-Esteem How Management Styles Can Affect Large

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Companies Such as WEB The Causes, Effects, and Prevention Methods of Bullying in Elementary Schools Why We Should Study the Causes of Childhood Obesity in the Kathy Independent School District Elementary Schools and Ways to Prevent the Issue Privacy by Design: Protecting Privacy in Information Technology *Your topic must be related to your major/discipline of study in some fashion. **You need to narrow your topic – the above list includes many entries that are much too broad for the focus of the paper.

Remember these are suggestions to help you hind of general topics to pursue.

You will be required to narrow the focus to a manageable topic for a 2500-3500 word paper. ***Please note that your research paper/long report is supposed to be set up as a ‘problem/solution’; in other words, you are supposed to pose the topic as a problem and you will find research to support a solution to the problem. You will also be making a recommendation at the end of your long report based on the research you have found. This is not an ‘informational’ research paper where you present information/data only.