Students expected marketing

Students are expected to have a knowledge about: – understand important concepts of market and marketing (as a managing the arkets), – understand the environment of business and the strategy process, – recognize main competitive advantages of companies and fit them to leverage their capabilities, – identify various contexts In which marketing strategy development occurs and evaluate their relevance with environment; The credit and final grade awarded at the end of the course Is based on the following criteria: attendance and In-class participation (20%), essay (25%) and final test (55%).

Market-led strategic management (Introduction) (3h) Marketing concept and market orientation, – Marketing fundamentals, 2. Strategic marketing planning (3h) – Marketing strategy process, – Creation of competitive position, 3. Portfolio analyses (4h) – Matrix approaches, 4. The changing market environment2h, – Strategies for changing environments, 5. Segmentation and positioning (4h), – Principles of competitive posltlonlng, 6. International niche marketing strategies for SME enterprises (4h), – Market entry Ideas, 7.

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Developing and malntalnlng customer relationship (4h)