Students Need More Sleep

Students who get a lot of homework sleep very late and the next morning they can’t wake up to go to school or they either just sleep in and don’t come to school. Students who go to school usually have trouble falling asleep in class and can’t focus because of not having enough sleep. Students who don’t come to school they will be missing out on a lot of classwork and when they come back the next day they have tons of homework to do and that creates more stress for them and not having enough of sleep. Sometimes they think to themselves is their health is more important or education? Students struggle with that a lot.

I think students shouldn’t be having a lot of homework especially over the weekends because sleep is more important teachers always want their students to stay awake in class and focus.But sometimes you can’t help it because the tiredness kicks in. When you wake up getting ready for school your body will tell you that it is still middle of the night. Sometimes some students would get mad about coming to school and their parents would yell at them to come to school. Same with getting sick your parents will force you to go to school depends on how bad it is.

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Teenagers need more sleep then kids, not less. Sleeping in class affects many students because they get mad about not having enough of sleep and having tons of homework to do they can’t learn. They can’t focus or get things done because they’re just so tired. Some give up and some don’t give up they try to stay awake. I feel like if teachers notice that their students are falling asleep in class teachers should allow them to go wash their face or move around for a while or exercise to stay awake. Sleep is fuel for the brain and body.

Eight to ten hours of sleep is what a teen should have to be healthy.