Students of Science Disciplines are More Meritorious than Others

Students of science disciplines are more meritorious than others Science is the subject where talent, handwork and knowledge of high level is required. Every modern technology, all new innovations are mainly due to science. So science is a very long brunch of studies. Science requires lots of efforts and hard work.

Science students have to give not only efforts and hard work, science student have to be talented with a huge reserve of knowledge. While others subjects besides science usually do not require that much meritorious student.

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So usually meritorious students choose science and science students are more meritorious it can be said in a glance. I completely agree with the fact that science students are more a meritorious The first reason is that usually mostly everywhere in all educational institutes in order to get science high percentage is required in their results. To get science students have to be especially skilled in mathematics, chemistry, biology and other science subjects.

These subjects usually do not work by memorizing. Thinking skills and knowledge are highly required.

A student who doesn’t have the capability of using and utilizing their knowledge will never be able to do well in science subjects. Science includes complicated subjects in which only meritorious students achieve good results in it. Subjects other than science, that is arts, commerce, economics, law, literature, history, geography etc are subjects where merit like science is not required. In these subjects if a student can study day and night, work hard and memorize the lessons, they can easily do well in their results.

Hard work is required by merit of high level is not mandatory to do well. Science students have to do lots of practical, lab works, and many other science related tasks. These tasks made them develop knowledge no how things actually works in the real world. Due to science our surroundings are full of modern and sophisticated materials and equipment. Passion of getting deep inside how modern world is running due to technology makes a student passionate about science and they try to prepare themselves from the very beginning of their life.

Even if a student is not much talented and meritorious they also try to develop them by studying and practicing more and more to develop their knowledge and become capable of taking science.

Not in every case all meritorious students take science. There are many meritorious students who study subjects other than science too. The reason behind this can be due to their passion towards other subjects or they don’t find science interesting.

Another reason might also be applicable that since science is a very difficult subject students firstly think that they may not able to give that much effort as required in science and they take choose other subject. However they fail to recognize their merit and use it other way in other subjects rather than science, unaware that they are reserving their merit and not using it whereas if they used that merit studying science they could have built up a better future or career for them. They may don’t know but their merit might lead to some new innovations and so on if they have taken science.

All in all, with all my reasons stated above I strongly believe that science students are more meritorious than other. Only meritorious students get the ability to take science due to their extraordinary meritorious quality and they have always proved it. Without them we may not be able get a modern sophisticated present world and life. We should be thankful to them and all meritorious students should not waste their merit in places other than science. Contributions of their merit can benefit them and may also benefit the whole world.