Students Should Get Paid for Good Grades

Do you like money? I know I do. In my opinion students should get paid for good grades because students are struggling in school. It also has many benefits.

It will encourage them to do more. It will help them with financial problems when they grow up. If you pay students for getting good grades it will encourage them to do more. They will try to buy something with the money they get for getting good grades. They will also get a good education because they want the money.

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“Many studies have shown that people will work harder when they get something out of it,” said Natasha Quinonez. If you give kids money for getting good grades they will do better in school. My friend said his parents started paying him for getting good grades and now he is an A and B student. If you give students things in return for good grades they will want to do better in school. Maybe your child has a special meal they love or a special dessert or meal they love that you don’t get them often.

Celebrate their good grades by giving them their special meal. It will be their motivator they need and it won’t break your wallet. You can also take your child to an educational trip that they enjoy like the museum, aquarium, or the zoo. Not only will they learn even more but they will have fun doing it. They will think they are getting rewarded for good grades, and you’ll be happy hearing them spouting new facts they have learned.

Another good reason why students should get paid for getting good grades is for financial freedom. Much of today’s students believe they can pretty much get whatever they want without working for it. Receiving money for grades shows them they’ll have to work to get something. If parents work to lessen the things bought for the child that are wants, that child can than learn the value of their own dollar. They’ll discover that more expensive items can’t be purchased on the same day they want them and begin to learn how to save. Parents should also encourage them to open up a savings account with the money they receive from their grades.

People say that they should want to learn not to be paid for learning, wrong this can ensure that students will get a good education while making money. Give students things in return for good grades if you do not have money you can give them a special treat or go to an educational trip. Financial freedom so they could pay for themselves instead of begging to your parents. It will encourage them so they could get a purchase and will give them a good education. Students should get paid for getting good grades.