Students who continually interrupt class…should they be in there?

The kids that continually interrupt class should have something done for their actions. They shouldn’t just be given up on because sometimes they just do it for attention.

They should just be in a class were there are good students making them reflect upon their actions. Students that always interrupt in class can have some easy solutions to their problems. People that interrupt should be put in a class with good students that way they have good influences. Then after a while they will understand that they don’t look very smart when they are interrupting. Another thing that could be done is just change their spot because sometimes they just want to show off to their friends or they want to seem funny to the people they like maybe. If they are moved from that person they won’t be so distracted and actually pay attention in class and get some better grades.

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They also could be moved from the period they are in and that also will solve that problem of them tiring to show off to their peers. They also might just be board and just think that the class is too easy for them and they also have a good grade but their only problem is that they interrupt all the time so they look bad to others. To solve this problem they could be put in a more challenging class or they could be given more challenging work than others. The teachers also could just make the whole class so it’s at a more challenging level if they think the class can handle it. They also might just want to look cool so a simple talk would do. If you tell the student alone they shouldn’t do it because they look dumb then they will realize that they shouldn’t do that.

With that talk they should change their attitude and that way it will make it easier on them and you. You should also explain to them that they should change because they will make it easier for themselves in the future and that people who are role models will have a better life than the ones that aren’t. So they sometimes you shouldn’t be so harsh on those kind of students. You should first take the more down side. Sometimes you can take the easy way but sometimes you can’t. So when they keep on doing it, then you should take little more harsh steps.

When they are showing off to impress people then I’ve heard of people who just embarrass those people. If they get embarrassed enough then they won’t do it again because they won’t want that to happen again. They also might just to attract attention so you might just point out things they might get wrong or something that looks funny so they won’t look funny or good. When you do this they will be attracting bad attention so they won’t do that because they won’t want bad attention. You could just not sit them next to anyone and kind of isolate them from everyone else in the class and give them the cold shoulder so don’t pay attention to them. You could also make them sit facing the wall and tell them that if they aren’t going to learn then they won’t be a part of my class.

Then they will feel bad that they have to do that. When they finally realize that they did wrong then they will ask for second chance. After they ask for second chance it will be up to you whether or not you will give it to them. If you give it to them then you can put your own circumstances. Some circumstances that you can put are to not interrupt, be a role model student, and then they have a B+.

Then they also can get detention so they can think about they have done. Another thing that could be done is that they get extra homework like them having to write an essay or that they have write 100 sentences about what they did wrong and what they will do to fix it. That is a step higher of what should be done with the student s that interrupt class. When that doesn’t work you should just be harsh and not care about what they think about you because they asked for it. The first step, is giving them detention for a whole week and they will have to do sentences the whole time.

They also will have to do extra homework when they get home. Then you should talk to their parents and tell them that it is not acceptable and that they should talk to them. They will have a lecture and or get grounded. Usually when the kids get in trouble by their parents they pay more attention to them than other people. So then you shouldn’t get problems for a while.

But if they keep on interrupting, then you should start giving referrals and sending them out of class. You should send them to a teacher that you know they don’t like at all. The teacher should be mean and strict and not take any talk back. Then you should ask a teacher that is harsh to have a talk with them or a teacher that you know is close to them. You also could talk to their counselor and ask them to talk to the student and solve the problem.

Then ask the counselor if they can take them out of your class because the student is too much of a problem. After that the student and you won’t have to deal with each other anymore. That is what should be done to an interrupting student. As you see it is not that hard to deal with interrupting students. When you get one you first shouldn’t be that harsh until you cannot stand them being in your class is when you should be harsh.

Some of these students will figure out that they are doing wrong by themselves, although some need help. Then if they can’t realize by themselves that they are doing wrong then you should involve their parents or their counselor. That was what should be done to interrupting kids.