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PPG’s Corporate Ethics Program Brian Ingram BUS 250 Steven Mathews August 16, 2010 Which of the ethical safeguards described in chapter six does PPG Industries adopt in its corporate ethics program? Since 1883, PPG has grown and thrived by making sound business decisions that ensure their company’s long-term viability and success. PPG’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond making products.

Their innovations is helping to address some of the world’s most pressing problems related o energy, the environment, security and other issues. That is why PPG has adopted ethical safeguards in its ethical program.

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They use ethics safeguards to promote ethics at the work place, develop code of ethics, created ethics office and advice, establish ethics hotline, offered ethics training and conduct audits and evaluations. I believe that PPG adopted The Global Ethic Committee was created, with members drawn from PPG operations in Europe, Asia, and South and North America.

It was charged with advising top management on ethical issues, making recommendations oncerning company policies and codes of conduct, developing an ethics-training program, and providing a forum for the review of ethical issues. (Lawrence ; Weber, 2008 p. 134). PPG’s multifaceted corporate ethics program is one example of a business seeking to maintain an ethical culture while honoring its economic responsibilities.

(Lawrence ; Weber, 2008 p. 135). I believe it is in every business interest to adopt an ethical program to provide training to further the influence of the policys provisions on day-to day company activities.