Synopsis and Reflection

Without doubt, reality of brilliance is not about retaining a high intelligence quotient or being smarter than the rest. Besides, geniuses bring out their astonishing creativity as ascribed by the extraordinary undertakings of Darwin’s, Edisons, Da Vinci’s, Einstein’s, Picassos, Galileo’s, Michelangelos, Freud’s, and Mozart’s. The author Michael Michalko main focus is to guarantee the readers that they could be a genius by learning from the geniuses as their role models. Indeed, geniuses contemplate a firsthand perspective to a problem that not one other person has come up with as Da Vinci enunciates it as knowing how to see. Thus, the main dissimilarity that distinct a genius from the rest is the enthusiasm to explore all methodologies even after realizing a promising one.

Geniuses connect the unconnected as Da Vinci associated the sound of a bell and waves of water. This is undoubtedly standing as one style about creative geniuses’ capability to juxtaposition amid apparently the disparate objects. Through this style, Da Vinci links the element that sound travels in water this remains blindly attainable to others. Notably, geniuses think in the opposite as when kept in one group they think differently. Geniuses could not think the same as they could tolerate ambivalence between opposin subjects.

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Certainly, the suspension of thought sanctions an intellect will act beyond a thought and create a new formula.Graham Bell clearly portrayed that genius envision in other worlds. He invented the bell through comparisons between the movement of a stalwart piece of membrane made of steel and the internal workings of the ear. Indeed, metaphor is an indicator of an individual being a genius. As geniuses did not anticipate for any inventions, they took consideration of things they found compelling.

Therefore, geniuses always prepare themselves for a chance and do not fear to fail as they end up doing something new afterwards. Seven strategies are therefore, an important guide to the common thinking strategies of creative geniuses. As creative geniuses, know how to think critically instead of what they need to be thinking. The reading of the seven strategies book gives a revelation that individuals are a genius out of what they choose to be. It clearly disqualifies the fact that genius individuals inherit their ability to be a genius.

Geniuses have largely contributed to today’s education as their creativity, and outstanding innovations have been included in the subjects students learn today. Students can thus connect recent invention with the origin of different features that exist today for example the beell. Understanding of different abilities of individuals as each one holds their own opinions clearly illustrates the effectiveness of the use of group works. Through group work, different perspectives of individuals arise as the group members try to come up with a commonly agreed perspective. This is usually difficult as all the members believe that they uphold their different perspectives as the correct answers. As a result, there are different perceptions that come up together to form a solution to the problem.

Through the exchange, of views among different individuals in a group a lot of information is being shared. Through the use of groups in institutions, the education fraternity is able to assist students in gaining different understanding and acquire more information. As students, strive to get solutions, it is imperative that they should appreciate that everybody upholds differing opinions, and they can never the similar to those of others.Indeed, the book seven strategies is a motivational book. It is motivational as it encourages individuals to anticipate being a genius. This is mainly an encouragement to students as they can achieve a lot of things by being extraordinary in the way they perceive situations.

Teachers should therefore use this article to encourage students while they learn to motivate them.