Taco Bell Case Study

Instigation Post. This press release will be implicating the Taco Bell labeled taco shells which are manufactured, distributed, and sold by Kraft Foods, Inc. As containing a genetically modified corn ingredient unapproved for human consumption. The substance is known as Starling and is a product of Avenues. Background On August 1, 1996, Taco Bell and Kraft Foods, Inc. Entered into a licensing agreement for Kraft Foods to manufacture, distribute, and sell Taco Bell branded taco shells in the retail grocery market.

In August 1998, the EPA granted Avenues registration of protein “Cry” known as Starling as a plant pesticide. In August 1998, the EPA granted Avenues approval to use Starling only for commercial use as animal feed. Precautions must be in place to ensure prevention of Starling from entering the human food supply. In April 1999, the EPA denied Avenues request to allow Starling to enter the human food supply due to lingering concerns related to allergens. In November 1999, customers in California, Arizona, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota were sickened with E-Coli 0157:HA tainted ground beef.

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Unfavorable Media Exposure September 1 5, 2000 Page 2 of 3 In 1999, the European Parliament imposed tighter restrictions on the use of unethically modified foods. In August 2000, certain nongovernmental organizations Ingots) began public debates related to a series of tests which were conducted on 23 leading corn based foods These tests concluded the Kraft Foods product labeled Taco eel Home Originals taco shells contained the “Cry” protein Starling which has been deemed unfit for human consumption.

Today, September 1 5, 2000, Taco Bell Corporation notified about upcoming press release related to Kraft Foods product labeled Taco Bell Originals containing Starling. Discussion En the Washington Post releases the finding from “Friends of the Earth” that Kraft product labeled Taco Bell Originals taco shells contain “Cry” known as Starling, Taco Bell Corporation will face a public perception that Taco Bell restaurants are serving or selling tinted food products.

Less than one year ago (November 1999) race Bell Corporation lost some public confidence due to the E-coli outbreak from tainted ground meat. Our response during the November 1999 outbreak should be lubricated to assist Witt the public perception related to tainted products restaurant products are separate from the home products, they will be linked by our race Bell branding.

Our use of media outlets, phone banks, and websites should be seed.

Our legal team will need to begin its preliminary research into the subject for reports and recommendations before the press release. Senior executives from Kraft s are being contacted to begin planning a united response to the upcoming press release, action steps to be taken in the next 24 and 48 hour timeshares, and action plans post press release. Avenues is the developer, manufacturer, and distributed of the genetically altered corn product. This product has a protein altered to act as a “plant pesticide”.

In reported studies, the product is “heat stable” meaning it can withstand stomach acids and digestive enzymes. This can lead to allergic reactions in some people. Avenues has repeated requests to use its Starling product in the human Unfavorable Media Exposure Page 3 of 3 food supply. Avenues has been denied by the FDA who has restricted the use of genetically altered products in the human food supply. Other US government agencies which may become involved will be the USDA, and the EPA.

While the FDA allows the use of the genetically altered food product Starling for commercial animal feed supply, it does not allow genetically modified products in the human food supply.

Our immediate goal is to ensure our customers that the Taco Bell food reduces are safe for consumption and that no Taco Bell restaurant products are related to the upcoming press release. Recommendations Contact and coordinate actions with Kraft Foods.

The united response from the two companies is necessary to instill confidence with the customer. (Action:CEO) Activate emergency response plans. Organize and activate public relations media response ‘IA phone banks, websites, and public broadcast. (Action: Public Relations Dept.

) Assign response team, team lead and team spokesperson. A single voice with a streamlined message in necessary to build positive public perception. Action: HER Director with V. P. ) Recommend legal actions to protect brand and shareholders.

A single focus team from Legal to be assembled.

(Action: Director of Legal Dept. ) Initiate contact with FDA, USDA, and EPA. Open communication with governmental branches Inch may have oversight. (Action: Government Relations Team) Other Issues Reporting from all action areas will be coordinated through the Risk Management office. The Risk Management office will require three daily briefings starting at 8:00 am, noon, and 4:00 pm over the next 48 hours leading up to the press release. DC