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Distribution channel creates time, place, possession utility channels are designed for reach, Increasing sales & capturing_ Define targeted market study the TIC Copula Sugar, DISC Hardily Kinsman Bazaar, Godard Diehard and DATA Kinsman Kansas with respect to product and service offerings, customer profile and expansions and tie up for effective distribution. NAS.

DC Ashram Consolidated Limited (DISC) Hardball Kinsman Bazaar Hardball Kinsman Bazaar is often a revolutionary micro level hard work, and that is setting up a far caching beneficial impact throughout taking a qualitative transform and also revolutionize the particular farming sector in India. It is additionally a good example of Just how properly that means corporate can promote the particular advancement regarding agriculture by building sustainable business models.

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DC Shrimp Combined Ltd (DISC) capitalizing its over 35 several years regarding expertise inside the agro-input and also initial give expertise in Native Indian farmers, will be setting up a chain regarding centers targeted at delivering end to finish ground level assist to the Native Indian farmer and also and thereby Increasing is profitability and also productivity. “Hardily” means “Greenery’ in Hindi signifying “Prosperity in Agriculture”.

“Kinsman Bazaar means “Farmer’s marketplace”.

DC Shrimp Consolidated Ltd. (DISC), a leading diversified Indian corporate house with over 35 years of experience in the grappling markets & first-hand knowledge of Indian farmers, has pioneered an innovative business venture called DC Hardily Kinsman Bazaar. The concept was started in 2002 in Restaurants, Attar Pradesh, Harlan, Punjab and Utterance It aims at building a positive influence throughout bringing mom sort of qualitative change as well as revolutionize the actual farming sector.

The large-format HIKE sites selection between 10, 000 as well as 1 5, 000 square feet range, as you move the smaller format is the actual 3, 000-6, 000 square feet range. Presently DISC includes a final number of 302 retailers throughout 8 expresses biz– U.

P, Restaurants, Punjab, Harmony, Cutthroat, Maharajah’s, PM and A. P Benefits to the Farmers:- Relevant Agro Technology : Provide customized solutions to farmers.

Hand-holding farmers through Implementation of new technology Serve as a bridge between farmers & universities. Agro-Inputs: Provide a complete range of good quality Inputs, Market Linkages: Access to new markets/ buyers for farmers produce Medical faculty: Provide complete medical facility to the farmers. Providing farmers with quality warehousing facilities & access to commodity exchanges Household Goods: Provides a range of good quality household goods for the farmer’s family.

Financial Services Access to credit, insurance & banking services. For egg. HEAD Bank, DC Shrimp tie up to offer rural banking services Hairlessness Bazaar will offer normal banking services such as a savings account facility and loans o its customers, mostly farmers, through its 128 outlets ICC Prudential Life Insurance, the largest private life insurer in India, has announced a strategic distribution tie-up with Hardily Kinsman Bazaar, the rural business arm of DC Shrimp Consolidated Ltd (DISC).

As a partner, Hardily Kinsman Bazaar can now distribute ICC Prudential’s protection, wealth creation, retirement solutions and health insurance products to customers across the its growing number of rural business hubs in the country. Other Products and Services: Fuels, FMC, Consumer Goods and Durables, Apparels etc.

Or example, Motorola has an alliance with the Kinsman Bazaars for sales and distribution of its handsets: Two types of Hardily outlets were designed: Large format hardily center spread over 10,000-15,000 sq. T. Company owned small format hardily stores/outlets spread over 3000-6000 sq. Ft. Leased premises Harelip’s presence in the agriculture chain:- Harelip’s offerings to the farmers TIC e-Copula TIC first launched e-Copula in June 2000 to create alterations in order to Indian’s inefficient and inadequate agriculture supply chain, that this company depended in due to the agricultural export business.

The device was rampant along with inadequate regular procedures. Meeting that the local market mantis thoroughly taken advantage of, has been deficiency of home elevators the sensible value in which their crops could commands. The actual Amanda technique has been seen as corruption and ineffectiveness but have been the sole distribution place where by farmers could bring their produce available to professionals . Inadequate means to research as well as anticipate value styles, farmers relied on local information in Just a village to decide any time to market and which Amanda make use of.

The actual farmers got zero arraigning energy in a Amanda considering that the plant life got also been gathered and there are zero alternative market segments.

Hence, if a farmer achieved a new Amanda, he has been forced to simply accept presented. S. Stratum’s, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER connected with IT’S Agribusiness Devotions, offered some sort of ground breaking use of digital technologies to raise the actual agriculture source archipelago as well as improve the effectiveness of It’s International Organization Division.

A result of this pitch had been the actual e- Copula system, which in turn benefited farmers first by means of dealing with facts symmetry. Making upon the idea of Copula (meaning a meeting place in Hindi), TIC set up computer systems with Internet connections inside villages to provide information on weather conditions, guidelines inside grinding, crop details, marketplace prices, as well as important local news.

There is perhaps a great interactive query as well as solution forum.

This particular digital infrastructure generated a great e-Copula, some sort of virtual conference position which supplied see-through entry to facts that’s previously inaccessible with the village levels. Inside he original design, the actual e-Copulas had been placed in some sort of community member’s house. This particular community associate took about the function connected with Cinchonas, or even TIC representative. Chinchillas had been preferred as well as qualified by means of TIC as well as had been viewed as the main element interconnection among TIC along with the community.

Chinchillas had been hugely respected individuals in the community with extensive farming experience as well as TIC created about the purely natural confidence as well as admiration prolonged on the Chinchillas to assimilate using the district.

Along with homes the actual e-Copula, the actual Cinchonas also acquired gear on-hand for testing crop quality. Concurrently, TIC certain government entities to allow agricultural transactions to happen away from Amanda, which was not allowed because of the prohibition by the Agricultural Produce Marketing Act.

Avoiding vehicles on the Amanda, the farmer now had the opportunity to take a sample of his produce to the e-Copula and have the Cinchonas inspect it to get a benchmark price based on the quality. Wide open marketplaces allowed TIC to put together its very information about good industry charges. Unlike the Amanda, the hubs got the transparent as well as effective procedure pertaining to home inspections, with a weight of, as well as repayments to the generate.

TIC quickly compensated the farmers for their produce, as well as repaid them pertaining to the expense of vehicles.

A key tenet involving It’s technique had been freedom of preference pertaining to farmers. Strengthened together with industry facts, farmers could right now elect to offer in order to TIC or even the Amanda, according to where they might have a greater deal. The e-Copula platform empowered the community through ell-time information and customized knowledge, and facilitated the development of a community-responsive grassroots organization built on freedom of choice and local management with self-interest. It also ensured efficiency through competition.

By overcoming the challenges of rural geography through virtual aggregation, the concept of e-Copula delivered benefits from scale as well as specialization through collaboration and helped capture the latent value in the dormant markets of the economy in rural India. The e-Copula became a “virtuous cycle,” as it contributed to higher earnings and greater trust within the community. Above all, the platform approach of e-Copula proved scalable. By 2008, there were more than 6500 e- Copulas set up to serve approximately 4 million farmers. This resulted in a multiplier effect on the economic and social benefits.

Conventional Model ( Original Business Model):- At first, partner companies distributed their products for the Samoa.

The Samoa furnished these products for the Cinchonas, whom therefore sent out them to the actual retailers. The exchange between the Cinchonas as well as the store had been laid-back. The Cinchonas acquired the actual contextual understanding; he knew the actual retailers and recognized what exactly these people purchased and what exactly products distributed very well. He/she in addition acquired experience about consumers’ wants.

Yet this was some sort of difficult supply chain with the Cinchonas managing with numerous options for offer.

He had to interact with numerous partner companies on a regular basis with regard to products, logistics, and income management. TIC wouldn’t possess management in the purchases involving the partner corporations and their distributors and acquired the lowest field of vision around the communications involving the participants. The deep experience relaxed with the Chinchillas, most of which with the retailers and buyers, while others wouldn’t..

To design a new model, TIC examined the actual high-performing as well as under-performing Chinchillas to understand their particular achievement variables as well as limitations. There is some sort of delay on the part of quite a few Chinchillas to stay this company involving disbursing FMC, since they had been predominantly farmers with no distribution capabilities.

For the reason that FMC organization ended up being some sort of low-margin, high-volume organization, it urine out important to have got high products turns as well as powerful cash administration.

Also, it turned out difficult with regard to many of the Chinchillas in order to develop skills like selling, credit rating administration, as well as products purchasing as well as distribution method and let him or her being involved in the regions where by this individual may excel many. New Business Model: The proposed model was an engagement model, in which TIC might pick the goods on the associate businesses and have absolutely a central distribution center to be able to disperse products on the Samoa, who would subsequently source all of hem straight to the actual dealer.

This inspiration powering this brand new design was to make available a sleek change, moving away from an informal change on the list of dealer, Cinchonas, Samoa, associate businesses, as well as TIC. TIC acknowledged that information technology will be the backbone that permits TIC to deliver the significance proposition, customization as well as smart change with affordable prices to consumers. Previously it was extremely tough pertaining to TIC and its partners to get data as well as information from retailers and consumers.

Throughout its completely new model TIC designed to get the worthiness from the alternate between the Samos’s and the retailers by employing technology as well as building a smart alternate. A efficient as well as digitally enabled supply chain would likely assure better efficiencies and economies regarding range inside the transactions with all the partner companies and also make it possible for TIC and its partners to produce services acceptable for the consumers. TIC would likewise have additional control as well as field of vision regarding transactions.

TIC planned to rate within the Chinchillas’ talents and knowledge by simply trying to keep them linked to features like credit history examination, launch regarding suppliers to Samos’s, and to communication regarding discount schemes for the shoppers. For example is, Chinchillas realized which often suppliers could be provided credit history determined by their capacity to pay off as well as the dangers connected with that. TIC that will explore the likelihood regarding capital the suppliers by simply joining up together with banks in addition to making use of the Cinchonas and to measure the risk to extend credit history.

The Chinchillas could become facilitators. This method appealed to the majority Chinchillas, which wouldn’t desire to be known as Just advertising goods in addition to obtaining money. Inside the new model, the Cinchonas may not experience societal alienation within the village however could instead end up being an advocate with the importance proposal in addition to understanding, which would encourage him. In a market that was characterized by scarcity of options for rural retailers, TIC planned to engage the retailers and also co- create importance for the rural communities.

Retailers would have an opportunity to once directly with TIC through a loyalty program and link up to a transparent and flexible system without creating a hierarchy in the system. As opposed to the retailers within cities, whom could get education by salesperson connected with FMC businesses, rural retailers are not trained in getting, displaying goods, educating consumers, or promoting products.

The majority of organizations did not get on to the retailers within rural India, but TIC can give comprehensive portfolio available with FMC accessible to retail network.

The company could also offer merchandising TIC plans ‘Copula Sugar’ hypermarkets for rural India With its model mall in a Madhya Pradesh village proving a success, the cigarettes-to- hotels major TIC is set to build more hypermarkets for rural India to replace age-old Koran or retail shops. It’s Copula Sugar, as the hypermarket in Madhya Pradesh is called, is connected to the company’s e-Copula network. Company officials said 30 more Copula Sugar hypermarkets could be in the offing over the next 18 months. It will cost the company around RSI 50 million ($1.

4 million) for each of these hypermarkets that would sell everything from fertilizers to hair oil and tractors to needles. It’s e-copula network covers over 5,000 e-copulas and three million villagers in 31,000 villages. A farmer coming to sell his produce through the e- copula can also buy anything he wants through the same network. TIC has e- copula networks in Madhya Pradesh, Restaurants, Attar Pradesh, Maharajah’s, Karakas, Kraal and Andorra Pradesh. Its Copula Sugars are malls that double up as shopping and facilitation centers for farmers.

They provide training, investment advice, agricultural expertise and even facilities like banking. Godard Consumer Products Limited The first Godard Dharma center has been started in December 2003 in Manchuria, Pun district. Subsequently Godard Dharma centers happen to be established across the country in the states of Maharajah’s, Gujarat, Punjab, Harlan, Andorra Pradesh, Tamil Nadia, Arioso as well as west Bengal. Most of these centers produce beneficial technological advice, garden soil & normal water examining providers. They also store top quality products connected with major organizations.

Dharma centers also facilitate credits to help farmers and supply the platform to trade his or her create.

To farmers, it’s an extensive option under Just one roof. Tie-Up: Diehard has died up with Etcher Motors to provide commercial vehicles and HEAD ann. for delivering financial services to rural consumers the company is in discussions with Apollo Hospitals to set up pharmacies/ polyclinics at the large format stores as well as with BPCS for launching petrol outlets in semi-urban and rural areas Services provided by Diehard: Soil & water testing.

Selling branded Org. & Inorganic Chemical Fertilizers.

Provided Agricultural Library, Audio C. D. Sell of Branded Seeds, Pesticides and Animal Feeds. Provided Advanced Agro. Implements & Seedlings of Tomato & Cabbage.

Insurance Services. GAP has a widespread distribution network across India. It makes sales in both urban and rural markets, enabling it to benefit from the opportunities in both segments. It has a sales team of over 250 staff spread across the country. It has a network of 33 C agents and as on 29 February 2008.

It had 1,273 distributors, 142 super stockiest and 3,175 sub stockiest to support the sales team in India.

Its distributors and sub stockiest cover around 650,000 retailers in India. GAP has linked its major distributors in India through a system called ‘Sampans, a collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment system with its ERP system leading to reduced inventory levels. Adder’s Structure (Agro Sec) : It can be seen that diehard retail Getting good response from farmers. Diehard retail provides agriculture and non-agriculture product in one roof.

Availability of product is less than rural competitor.

Diehard having great scope to capture maximum market in rural retail sector. Though having many advantages in favor of Diehard it has to work hard for increasing the coverage to have an upper hand over the competitors. Increase product availability, Wide range of product availability can increase the customer interest. Increase marketing channel and advertising. Promotion and campaigns to attract customers. Building loyalty by identifying regular farmers and offering benefit to them.

Monitoring customer needs constantly. DATA Kinas Kansas The launch of ‘Data Kinas Kansas’, a chain of one-stop resource centers. This unique initiative for farmers, the Data Kinas Kansas, will benefit farmers by offering end-to- end agro solutions including the latest in agro services and specialized input products. The service ranging from agro input planning to crop procurement, will assist farmers in their decision making process to increase their yield and align homeless to market demands.

A good upgraded set-up in the recent Data Kinas Senders, the Data Kinas Kansas (TTS) can be a unique effort that will advantage producing methods, which in turn or else isn’t easy to get at in order to Indian farmers. Spanning three highly effective farming expresses associated with Punjab, Attar Pradesh and Harlan, TTS will give the methods to more than 14, 000 villages in Northern Indian in its first phase.

Structure TTS functions as a hub and spoke model. Each TTS center is a franchised retail outlet and solution provider that caters to about 30-40 villages in the surrounding area.

The centers are in turn serviced by about 30-odd resource centers (known as Data Shirks Visas Senders or TASK), with each resource center looking after 17-18 TTS centers. The key benefits: Key benefits provided by TTS to a farmer incorporate comfortable access towards current market along with accomplish long term, low interest rate credit through turning into an element of self-help group called Kinas Sashay Pariahs (SSP). Start jobs with the SSP have been completely successfully explained away inside 256 villages.

The corporation has qualified agronomists to help straight connect to the rammers regarding overall farming connected options. The corporation has in excess of 130 highly skilled agronomists in which continually trail along with deliver the top agro-practices towards farmers within the three states. Announcing the launch of TTS, Mr.. Parkas Moon, managing director, Data Chemicals Ltd said, “This developmental initiative forms a part of the Data group philosophy of concentrating on areas of national economic significance.

It is the manifestation of the group’s belief that rural India can grow enormously, given a little impetus from the private sector companies such as Data Chemicals.

TTS will act as the business partner and advisor to farmers by providing the entire range of agro services to them. It will create a favorable environment (Kansas) for the farmers, to help them increase their yield thereby bringing prosperity in their lives.

We have commenced our initiative with 421 TTS spanning three agricultural dense states of the North and we hope to expand our reach by 500 outlets by 2005. ” With the aim to help the farmer increase his yield through informed decision making, the business are going to be setting up kiosks in any way key places make it possible for quick and real-time usage of the information needed with a farmer including Amanda price ranges and others. TTS centers may also be IT enabled and definitely will monitor the user profile of farmers viewing the centers.

Via this specific the business will certainly boost its response occasion and program the farmer well. Besides this specific, TTS will certainly lengthen the production buyback service (contract farming) which includes currently benefited farmers with sixty villages of UP and Punjab. Besides this, TTS will certainly carry on and supply additional farm administration remedies as well. Creating the actual genesis connected with TTS, Mr..

Kappa Mean, COO, fertilizer enterprise, Data Chemical substances Ltd. Explained, “While approaching the actual agro feedback desires connected with farmers by means of the Data Kinas Sender’s (TAKE), all of them realized that there is a huge requirement by simply farmers for agriculture related solutions across all AR. With TTS they will offer you end-to-end agro answers by means of the resource centers therefore adding value to help farmers’ life. To generate a clear branding differentiation with TTS, a brand new logo within this brand new identity.

The new logo may get the actual essence of attractions and also present the actual holistic way of this particular effort.

“. To avail TTS services, a farmer can either become a member of Data Kinas Pariah or pay selectively for the services. Tie ups: It tied up with Titan for selling Sonata watches, DATA Indices for telecoms about framers yields to give customized service to them. Farmers are also provided technology services including training to use the point-of-sale (POS) terminals installed at various outlets.