Teachers Should Be Required To Take a Training Course

Teachers right, you love them you hate them, and some don’t even know what they’re doing. They give us a hand out and tell us to complete it.

They might teach us a thing or two but it goes in one ear and goes out the other. Clearly teachers should be required to take training courses every five years, because they don’t know new methods, evaluations aren’t effective, and some teach the bare minimum. Some states already have these requirements such as Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Oklahoma. Without a doubt, new methods of teaching are being developed. Individual students, use methods that work best for them. How they learn, memorize, and identify work are different but if teachers can’t give them the strategies then how can they understand what they are being taught.

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One critic said that “… Learning teaching strategies and methods opportunities practices remain few”. This means that teachers are not getting the opportunity to learn new teachings. Another perspective to look at is evaluations.

They have them a few times a year, they look at the teacher’s behavior and teaching style. Even so, “top-and-down mandates aren’t very effective” states one critic. This article also states “the number of teachers rated unsatisfactory remain less than one percent.”. Obviously something is wrong with the system, not every teacher’s behavior and teaching methods are perfect. In personal experience, I have had a teacher slap a binder out of my hands and break it.

This is not teacher behavior, this is more reason to have a teacher training course every five years. On top of everything, teachers sometimes only teach the bare minimum. “teach-to-the-test, cookie-cutter lesses worse, both often fail to provide a realistic portrayal of the teachers performance in the classroom” how David Osborne and Emily Langhorne put it. When teachers only teach to the test it only tells students the answers to the test. How are these lessons going to let students remember them? Maybe it would be better if teachers learn more affective lessons to teach their students.

On the other hand, some think there’s nothing more to teach English teachers. Joe Jones states teaching has “…become counterproductive elements of English teaching in the 21st-century” .

This is only one subject, and there is always more than one way to analyze or revise the text. There will always be more to learn, and more ways of learning. So I believe teachers should be required to take training courses every five years, because they aren’t learning new teaching methods, evaluations aren’t effective, and they teach the bare minimum. We should make it a requirement in every state to have a training course every five years.