Teachers Were Appreciated More in the Past

Nowadays, teacher plays an important role in students’s daily life. A teacher is responsible for guiding students into becoming creative, imaginative, critically thinking. This is not an easy task, and is not for the faint of heart. In my perspective, teacher were more appreciated and valued by society nowadays than they were in the past.

First of all, teachers are valuable today. The importance of becoming a teacher is immeasurable. Like the primary school teacher, they play a direct role in teaching students basic information that will encourage them to read, write and perform science or mathematical functions that will allow them to function in everyday life, and may lead them to higher education and a career goal. Teachers in today already get the high lever education and train when they are studying in their universities or colleges. After they graduate and become a real teacher, they will help students to learn how to become functional in society like what they are doing for the world. On the contrary, teachers in the past are not able to get a high level train in universities and they don’t have too much chance to be educated, which means modern teachers are better than the past.

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Secondly, modern teachers are more appreciated. Nowadays, teachers not only teach students knowledges in the textbook but also some social stuff which can help their students to adapt this complex world faster and safer. The main argument in favor that teacher were more appreciated and valued by society in the pastthan they were nowadays have been stricter and more experience. What these studies forget to mention, however, is that less education and inflexible. As a matter of fact, teacher were more appreciated and valued by society nowadays than they were in the past.

Some, like I mentioned above, have done so, and they exhibit my standpoint.