Technical Communication and Organizational Culture

Through analysis of an organizational culture, it is important to note that cultural aspects are vital for an organizational culture to be successful. Strong organizational cultures exist where employee’s values are aligned to organizations values. According to Kotter and Heskett (1992), they suggest that there is a strong link between strong organizational cultures and the company’s performance, however, they emphasized that only strategically appropriate cultures are appropriate.

According to Gagliandi (1992) the manifestations of Google‘s culture are analyzed through the evaluation of artefacts at Google. Considering various aspects, Google has an integrated culture that incorporates of key elements including, mission, innovation, fun and reward. Google’s culture has shown the importance of having a strategically appropriate culture which is necessary to fit the needs of the organization and the industry as well. Google Company has a mission statement and corporate culture that work should encompass fun.

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These are the beliefs that are dominant at the life at Google. The mission statement states that the world should be organized through information technology to make it universally acceptable and useful. Google Company is a high-energy with a good working environment. The coolest programs it has been observed that the coolest programs at Google are the 20% time program. Al the workers are encouraged to do moderation on their work in order to get time to do things that they find interesting to them.

This initiative motivates the employees and keeps them happy and challenged, Google Company corporate headquarters, commonly known is currently one of the many offices around the world. At Google company there is the tendency that during lunch hour all employees get their meals at the office cafe and socialize with other workers (Arrington, 2005).In addition, all employees are treated as a hands-on contributor this is because all individuals are required put on several hats. At the company, there is the belief that every employee is equally important and forms part of the company’s success. The company is inclusive in hiring and considers the ability over experience. Google offices around the world and different languages spoken to make it fit for all races, the end result is employees who represent the global audience that the company serves.

Furthermore, the employees at Google pursue activities such as cross-country cycling to make them have a social working environment when not on the job. Google Company is successful because it provides a good way of finding than other available search engines. The company strives to push its limits on the available technical ability to provide an efficient and accurate but simple to use. Therefore, anyone seeking information can access in all locations around the globe. This has been achieved because of the core principles. These principles include a focus on the user and the view that all else will follow.

The company has focused onproviding the best user experience possible. In the Internet browser or a look of the homepage, a lot of care has been taken to ensure that the services are provided to serve the users effectively. New tools have been built as well as new applications which are believed to work so well with no consideration that might have been designed differently. The company also believes that workforce also believes that it’s best to do one thing in a good way. The company is one of the largest research groups that focus on solving search problems.

Due to continued work on difficult times, the company has provided continuous improvements with the hope of improving power to unexplored areas. Methodology Analyses that are made through case studies should be coherent with other organizational theorists that should enable an appropriate conclusion to be drawn. In making an analysis of an organizational culture of Google considering how culture is manifested (Alvesson, 2002). This is achieved by looking at the outworking of Google Company corporate culture through the exploration of corporate culture, the employee environment as well as employee management. Considering the extent to which the company’s culture supports the existing literature considering the relationship between performance, motivation and culture.

The information about Google has been obtained from academic journals, books and online blogs as well. In addition, the information has been obtained from journals, newspapers; websites and interviews listened and watched from televisions. In this study, information concerning Google brings about more research obtained from other including interviews through e-mail and phone calls. The analysis made in this paper focuses on the success of Google’s culture hence a frame work is to be developed to highlight the areas in which Google’s culture has been seen to be successful. This study will focus on the financial success which also considered the most crucial aspects of organizational culture as well as the artifact at Google that will be analyzed. This study will also consider the customer perspective on Google since Google has presented itself as a fun and an innovative company in the industry.

The study will also consider the successful and creative employee environment, as well as aspects of culture which are apparent within Google’s united culture. Furthermore, the study will consider the culture fit that is the culture performance link. Results The results that are obtained from this study have indicated that the manifestations at Google’s Culture indicate that the organization has a strong culture. Its management philosophy has been the result of the efforts of the founders that have established an organizational culture in which innovation, fun, mission and reward work together. Due to the company’s best selection efforts in recruiting employees for the increasing number of jobs in the organization, it has also managed to maintain its culture.

In case there couldd be a lack of culture in which creativity and innovation was not encouraged, the company would not be successful because the industry in which it operates requires rapid change. It has been observed that fun and mission are the major attraction of university leavers looking for placement at the company. Financially, the company provides competitive rewards to her employees, hence, making them to be retaining their jobs for a long time. In addition, the employees are ever retained in the company because they are ever involved in the company’s mission. Thus, the culture at Google that has been based on its mission, innovation, fun and reward has been a major manifestation within the company.

Conclusion According to Denison (1990) there are particular elements that are combined to constitute organizational an organizational and performance of Google Company. Thus in this case study, we can conclude that Google’s organizational culture includes adaptability, involvement, cooperation, and inspiration as well. The essence of Google’s culture has been ascertained from the achievements made by the co-founders of the organization. The four cornerstones of Google’s culture are the mission, innovation fun and reward. Google is a company that has tremendously achieved success with exceptionally high levels of innovation. However it has been noted that organizations do not really need to have particular distinctive aspects of culture in order to achieve success since culture depends on the founders of the company and should be relevant to the market pressures.

Thus, from the findings the key factors to the company’s success is its relevance to the industry. Its culture has been a major attraction to young people who are creative that enable them to have and share common ideas that have resulted into an organization which is ever developing new product that are relevant to the market. This supports the idea that strong cultures have strong consequences. In addition, as stated by Kotter and Heskett (1992) Google has been successful because the employees of have objectives that are aligned with that of the organizationRecommendations for future study To have a better research in the future concerning Google Company’s corporate culture, time should be spared to obtain information and to have a good relationship with the Google employees. It will need a greater and more accurate assessment of the company.

A better study of all employees at all levels would be necessary if the employees had served Google since its foundation which could be interviewed along with the new recruits. This will be important since it will reveal how the company’s culture has changed from the time it was developed. The information that will be derived will contribute to the knowledge about the company’s organizational culture and will also be relevant to the question of performance and culture. If the company’s culture would be stronger in the initial years it would be vital in explaining the link between culture and the organizations performance.