Argumentative Essay on Teen Pregnancy

More than one million teens get pregnant a year (Rinaldo, 2011).. The state of Maine is getting paid $250,000 a year for health classes that are clearly not helping teens getting pregnant the rate off pregnancies are going up (U.

S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2009). Some teenagers get pregnant on purpose, they think that a baby will fix problems in their lives. Some teens get pregnant so they will always have someone to love and care for. Most of the time they find out having a baby cannot solve problems.Teen pregnancy affects the completion of high school, health risks for teen moms, and along with tax payers wallets.

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Teen pregnancies gets in the way of your future, Having a job, babysitting, and schooling. Only 40% of teens under the age of 18 graduate high school (March Of Dimes, 2009). 1.5% of teen moms get a collage diploma before the age of thirty (Teen Pregnancy Statistics, 2004). Carrico (2011) stated, “At the beginning of the school year, I did night school, it was horrible.

You see all the dropouts in high school. When I came home Alex (my son) was in bed. All the credits from night school went to senior year, now my school is packed, I don’t have any time during school, to sit around and have a study hall” (Carrico, 2011). Teen dropouts are heading on a bad path for them and their baby. Dropping out of school, when you are a teen can lead to bad jobs.

“Daycare is very expensive (Carrico, 2011).”I go to a cheap day care, it is $35 a day. Thats about $175 a week” (Carrico, 2011). Not only does your education get ruined, but also other people have to pay for your mistakes. The funding will support programs and educate young on both abstinence and contraception for the pervention of pregnancy and infections such as, HIV/Aids. The state of Maine is getting paid $250,000 a year for health classes, that are clearly not doing anything (Hartocollis,Anemeona, 2011).

The rate of teen pregnancies are just going up. Many teens decide to keep the baby. Some marry the babies father and raise their baby together. Sometimes the baby’s grandparents or other family members help raise the baby, so that the teen mother can stay in school and work. Having a baby requires a lot of additional hard work to stay in school and get a job. Children of teen mothers have a greater risk of poverty, behavioral problems, poor academic performance, and teen pregnancy.

Teen pregnancy can also be hard on teen fathers. The pregnancy can strain the relationship with their girlfriends, and with their parents. Teen fathers do not go as far in school, and make lees money when they get in the job market, then teens who do not father children (US Government, 2010). Even though they are young, they have to face up to adult responsibilities, like supporting the mother emotionally, and financially during her pregnancy, and helping to raise their child. They are financially responsible for their children, until they are eighteen, but they are also morally responsible.

Research shows that if parents tell their child to wait, there children are more likely to wait (US Government, 2010). Nearly nine out of ten (88%) teens say it would be easier for them to avoid sexual activity if they were able to have more, and more open conversations with their parents (US Government, 2010). Having sexual activity, can lead to STDs, which can cause damming and never go away. STDs can make woman infertile. They can lead to cancer, and some can kill you. Did you know that six five million americans have STD that cannot be cured with medication (US Government, 2010)? These include herpes, Hepatitis B, and HIV.

.33 experts estimate that about nineteen million Americans get a STD each year. 50% of every newly diagnosed STDs infects a teenager or young adult (US Government, 2010). Teenagers get infected with STDs more easily than adults, because their reproductive system has not finished developing. Their membranes are thinner and more easily damaged, so infections can get in it. Being sexually interactive cannot only affect you but also can effect your baby.

Children of teen mothers have a greater risk of poverty, behavioral problems, poor academic performance, and teen pregnancy The U.S. has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world – twice as high as in England or Canada (Hospital Soup, 2011). Our teen rate for completion of high school will be lower, there will be more heath risks to the teen mom and baby, and this all cost tax payer dollars. Offering classes to middle school and high school students, along with there parents that dioceses ways to combat teen oregneices.

students, parents and guardians talk to your administrators and help this happen.