The world today is faced by many challenges and nations, cultures and people in the world are being affected by the various issues regarding their security. Terrorism being one of the issues of security has become a challenge to many nations.

There is no universal or globally accepted definition of the word terrorism, there are some of the reason that have made it globally difficult to have a common definition of terrorism include; the meaning and the use of the usage of the term keeps changing over time. This means that the people who today are heroes, tomorrow they are being branded as terrorists. Also what make it also difficult to define terrorism the differences in how people view it, to some an act is a terrorist act and to others it is an act of courage and fighting for the weak. The criteria used to define terrorism have always been the one that is employed by the power that rule. The criterion is filled with inconsistencies and it works in avoiding the true definition of what terrorism truly is.

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A true definition of the term terrorism is usually avoided as it will cause their acts to be analyzed and they will be forced to be consistent all through. Without a definition of terrorism the powers then use their powers and give them themselves the role of ensuring that they weed out terrorism from the society. The criterion used does not give thought to why people decide to join terrorist activities. After 1945, that is the period during the cold war, America which is the power that rules today and the one that defines what terrorism is, committed, condoned or supported what can be regarded terrorist activities (Whittaker 2006). Some of the instances include the support of the Mujahedeen, actions that were committed by the CIA Cuba, Iran where they used to support the Shah, in Iraq where they supported Saddam Hussein to attack Iran and in many other nations. The definition of terrorism has always favored the powers tht are there then.

People may engage in terrorist activities so that they can be able to express their anger, frustrations, and thus they are forced to revenge against those who have made them to be the way they are. Most of the people who are termed as terrorist are a minority, oppressed and have no considerable political power. They will therefore engage themselves in terrorist activities so that their grievances can be heard be the bigger public and later be addressed. Also an individual may engage in terrorist activities due to them feeling that they were betrayed by their former ally, therefore making their former ally to pay for betraying them. Also an environment that is full of hostility and violence can breed or make individual to be violent and this individual will always use violence to solve conflicts and disputes.The recommendations by Ahmad to America include; America to be fair to all in their definition and regard for terrorism, they should not apply double standards.

America should also not accept any terrorist activities that are perpetrated by their allies; they should always condemn any terrorist activities from any quota. America should always work towards understanding why people turn to terrorism and find a way of solving the problems that cause people to terrorism and the use of force discouraged and diplomacy is the best way. America should also ensure that all international laws are followed and enforced, like the respect to UN resolutions and the International Criminal Court. I in totality agree with the recommendations that Ahmad has suggested to America. America is the world super power and all its actions affect a lot of people. All that Ahmad (2002) is recommending to America is that it should be fair to all, follow due process and ensure that there is justice.

The American Revolution in the 18th century was a revolution that led to 13 states breaking away from the British Empire to form tthe United States of America. I do not consider the American Revolution a terrorist activity as this was the voice of the majority who were being ruled by a minority who were powerful. Those who engaged themselves in this revolution were pleading for self determination and for increase in their rights as free citizens. They wanted to democratize the society by ensuring that the will of the people is given preference. Right to revolution to revolution is the belief that the citizens of a country can overthrow a government that does not act according to their interests.

A just war is the justifications that can be forwarded so as to justify why a nation will engage in war with another nation or group of people. These terms can be used by the powerful to oppress the weak; the majority can gang up against the weak and justify their actions against the weak. In the former Yugoslavia, majority of the Serbs in Serbia are against the state of Kosovo, if allowed this people would ensure that the Kosovo people never become independent and remain oppressed. Also in countries such as Pakistan they employ the blasphemy law which is used to punish the Christian and the weak and used as a justification for oppressing them.Hezbollah is a Lebanese group which is both a military group and a political party, it is considered a terrorist group by the United States, Israel and a number of other nations. The group was formed to counter the invasion of Israel into Lebanon in 1982, and the group based it acts at attacking Israel.

The group begun with a few members but later became a big force. The group has increased its influence overtime and it now has its members in the Lebanese government, programs for social development, satellite T.V. and a national radio station. Also their military wing was approved by the Lebanese cabinet as a legal military to support the Lebanese people and land.

This is even after Israel ended its occupation of Lebanon (Harik 2005).