Texas Independence

Mexico invited Anglo-Americans into Texas, but Anglos refused to become Mexican citizens so they came up with the Texas independence movement. Taking place in 1836, the movement said that Texas would be their own little country, will give religious freedom, and establish an educational program for the public. In 1836, the Texans declared their independence because the Mexican government made slavery illegal, imposed taxes on Anglo-American settlers ONLY, and did not allow new settlers to come from America.

You want slaves, too bad, Anglos! When it comes down to it “…the Mexican government abolished slavery..

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.”The Mexican government did not want slaves in their country, but the Anglos wished to grow more cotton. I believe that the Mexican government should know that not everyone will follow rules, especially Americans. Oh, you also want to be treated like OUR citizens, so sad, Americans “..

.imposed new taxes on American settlers…” The Mexican government wanted MORE control over Texas and more citizens, though the Anglos wanted Texas to be annexed into the U.S.

Mexico wanted more control because they feared that the U.S. might try to take Texas away from them. In turn, Mexico placed taxes on American settlers. Taxes can make people rebel, as we can infer from the Bacon rebellion. You want to have more settlements in Texas, sorry U.

S. peoples, we don’t have that constitution anymore “…and ended immigration from the United States.” Mexico did not want to be out-numbered in Texas, though the U.

S. wanted Texas without resulting to war. Though the Anglos were trying not to kill Mexicans, Mexico really wanted to keep Texas, therefore it resulted in war. They wanted their slaves, but the not the taxes, they wanted to capture TX without war, so they settled there. Those are three, of many, reasons were part of the Texans? reason to declare independence in 1836. By stating that they would not only create a public school system, and allow religious freedom, Texas also said that they wished to completely abolish any political connection with Mexico.

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