Text To Text Comparison

Most songs that are written have to do with a certain theme. A song can have more than one meaning, or purpose.

Artists use different styles to show the desired meaning. For example, artists use diction, certain word choice, to show the meaning they want listeners to understand. The two songs I chose to compare are Love Story by Taylor Swift, a country singing girl whose songs are all about love and Check Yes Juliet by We the Kings, a more alternative band composed of men whose songs aren’t always about love. You could probably tell a difference right away just looking at the two songs. But, looks aren’t always everything.

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Even though the two songs sound completely different, its not based on the melody, its based on the meaningful lyrics the artists carefully chose that direct the melody. But, even looking at the lyrics isn’t enough. You have to go beyond the words and get into the feelings of the artist. In Love Story by Taylor Swift, Taylor sings about forbidden love like in the classic Shakespeare piece, Romeo ; Juliet. Her diction isn’t just catchy, but within it lies a deeper meaning than what is just written or sung. In Taylor’s song, she emphasizes how Romeo and Juliet couldn’t be together because of their strict parents.

But, as her song continues, the two never grow apart, instead they become closer than ever; sneaking out, throwing pebbles at each other’s window. Taylor talks about how forbidden love is difficult but its worth it in the end. In Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings, the band sings about forbidden love between Romeo ; Juliet, just like how Taylor had. Their themes are very similar. In Check Yes Juliet, We the Kings sing about how Romeo and Juliet sneaking out has brought them closer and they both wouldn’t let their parents come between them and their love. In Check Yes Juliet, it is sung that “They’ll tear us apart if you give them the chance”.

This means that it takes courage to take chances with forbidden love but if you don’t take those risky chances, you’ll find yourself growing apart. Although these two songs have two completely different melodies, they both portray a message that most other artists sing about too. In both songs, Romeo and Juliet’s parents try to keep them apart, and Romeo and Juliet both sneak out to see each other. Even though Taylor Swift’s song is more modern than the other, they both have the same idea about forbidden love; it requires risks.