Thats What I am film analysis

Prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination, racism, and sexism usually overlapped. The term pre]delude Is an adverse Judgment or an pollen formed beforehand or without knowledge of the facts. It can be a preconceiving opinion or feeling whether positive or negative. Giving meaning and judgment in everyday life becomes a way of living for some individuals.

Thus, they give interpretation about matters that they think they concern them. In addition, these thoughts individuals have about a person or maybe an event seems to lack empirical basis.

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Therefore it is considered to be a rejoice. People tend to Judge other people by the way they look. Act and behave, likewise they also seem to misjudge more often than having the right thought Inside their mind.

Moreover, the main question about this certain topic of interest would be; how negative does prejudice is? Its definition would be “a preconceived negative judgment of group and its individual members” (Myers, 2010). However, is it Just solely based from negative Judgments?

Some suggest that prejudice also have positivist In It, but it is commonly used to have negative Judgments towards others. Prejudice Is an attitude In which It seems to have a deal with our behavior or actions. Nonetheless, there are different kinds of prejudice. Prejudice about sex, race, age, sexual orientations, nationality, socioeconomic status and religion are most commonly being observed. This sort of Judgments that results into naming others with negative definitions seems to be stronger the more unequal the society becomes.

Furthermore, when people is corrupted by their thoughts of being righteous, It seems they suck on what they think; they don’t care about how other people would think they believe that they have the same way of thinking about retain matters. In this movie review being done, its purpose would be for the better understanding of how people make prejudice and how does it affects other people. The events that occurred were real, and had serious implications to the well-being of society. Thus, it also shows and explains how can an individual live with this kind of prejudice without being bothered of having any problem with their thoughts.

The movie explores Important moral Issues and depicts the balance of negative and positive attitudes of Individuals are being exhibited: tolerance, prejudice, impassion, dignity, and love for what you believe and keep going the way you believe.

The film also emphasized how human dignity and compassion is equivalent to peace. Summary That’s What I Am is a coming-of-age story that follows a 12-year-old boy named Andy Nichols. He Is an intelligent, friendly but always avoids conflict In school because he was scared of being ridiculed by his bully classmates. Their teacher Mr..

Simon paired Andy with Stanley to do their project.

Stanley also known as “Big G” is a tall man with big ears. Because of his physical appearance, he was bullied by his classmates since read school. Before long, Andy will learn that there was truly a method behind Mr..

Simony’s madness as to why he teamed these two up. When Andy saw how Big G interfere and helped Karen when Jason Freer is whipping her with his jacket In the schoolyard Andy was enlightened that Big G Is a kind man, tolerant human being and Andy was amazed and inspired by Big G and they became friends. Meanwhile, Mr.. Simon and their principal suspend Jason Freer for bullying and for brutally beating up Karen.

As a result, the punished student starts spreading the rumor that Mr.

. Simon is a “homo. His parents get concerned and demand the principal to remove Mr.. Simon from the staff, threatening they will tell the papers and rally other parents for his removal. Mr.

. Simon refuses to clarify his sexual preferences stating it has nothing to do with his role and success as the favorite teacher of the school. When Big G decided to Join the talent show, Andy supported him but Norman became angry because he thought Big G will Just be bullied by their classmates if he Joins the talent show.

When the day of the talent show came, Big G started to sing and everyone listens to him. Andy kicked Risky sensitive organ to stop him from throwing tomatoes to Big G then, Mr.

. Simon became proud for what Andy did for Big G. After the school ended, Mr.. Simon still decided to resign as a teacher and his student gave a meaningful goodbye for him. Andy visited him in his house and asked him about why he had chosen him to be paired with Stanley and valuable lessons in life was shared by Mr.

. Simon. In the long run, Andy, Norman and Stanley became closer friends.

Discussion The movie “That’s what I am” can be related to different constructs in the previous happens that we tackled. Heavy themes of the movie such as social influence, stereotyping and social Judgment will be given emphasis in the discussion section. According to Calling (2001), in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of social situations, an individual look to social norms especially at times when they are uncertain of what to do.

Consequently, how we respond to others can influence our perceptions to that kind of belief within a given situation.

Moreover, as an individual, a certain goal of maintaining meaningful social relationships to others pertains too arson’s need for affiliation. This is where conformity usually interfere within an individual’s way of behaving. Conformity refers to changing one’s behavior to match to those of others (Calling & Goldstein, 2003). In the movie, conformity is evident in such a way that in order to cope within the environment, one must blend with others and live within the given standards.

Those who are perceived as different, were most likely to feel excluded and lose their sense of belongingness which was observed within the film.

People are motivated to conform to other’s beliefs and actions in order to protect, enhance or repair their self-esteems (Calling & Goldstein, 2003). Another construct that would be discussed would be stereotyping. According to previous research findings, it has the potential to particularly harm individuals who are members of groups that are perceived as less powerful in counteracting negative effects such as discrimination.

Stereotypes are false or misleading generalizations about certain group and these stereotypes powerfully shape the stereotype’s perception of stereotyped groups, seeing the stereotypic characteristics when they re not present, failing to see the contrary of those characteristics when they are and generally honeymooning the group (Blue, 2004). The movie exhibited different kinds of stereotypes among the students and mostly were negative stereotypes.

Negative effects of misleading stereotypes would be discrimination and bullying.

Labeling is also evident to some of the characters in the movie’s, examples of such aggression, verbal, psychological or physical conducted by an individual or group against others. Bullying is defined as behavior that affects not only those immediately involved. It affects everyone in the school community and in the wider community. It is recognized internationally that bullying behavior is not confined to pupils and schools alone, whereas it is prevalent in the society (Rivers, Potent, Norte, Restart, 2009).

The Several streams of research suggest that dispositional and social judgments are made automatically, such that people are able to make the most make them intuitively and devote little explicit cognitive attention to the Judgment process (Marry, 2010).

Research in the context of “thin slice” Judgments (I. E. Dispositional judgments based on observing brief excerpts of behavior) supports this perspective, and provides evidence that dispositional evaluations may be driven by automatic processing.

Social Judgment is very much evident in the movie, whereas prejudice about people is a central theme of the film. One example of which social Judgment prevailed when Mr..

Simon was rumored to be homosexual it actually alarmed some of the parents and was believed by the students. Constructs mentioned within this paper pertains about how social Judgment, stereotyping and social influence can unwritten to one’s prejudice about a person or a given situation. They usually overlap with one another and when not handled properly, can lead to negative dispositions and effects.

Conclusion The film “That’s what I am” portrayed different kinds of social issues present in our everyday lives. It is grounded on the reality that every one of us may be a host and a victim of prejudice.

It does not limit itself on the concept of prejudice. Thus, issues such homosexuality, bullying, stereotyping, morality, social pressure, social influence, self-concept, groups and individual differences were also observed throughout the vie. It is a plausible eye-opener for everyone and it conveys valuable lessons in life for people of all ages.

It relays a crucial issue about homosexuality bringing a negative notion as if it’s a bad thing which was handled with dignity. Prejudice as projected in the film, is in the hands of those who see and experience it as a positive or a negative force that usually depends on all kinds of reasons and intentions. The characters in the film were representations of different kinds of people in our society.

Being aware that prejudice is everywhere and being part of a person’s life does not mean one does not have total control over it. One has the power to at least stray on being Judgmental to others.

The movie also imparts how everyone should be treated equally with respect despite social hierarchy and deserves a chance to showcase their totality. Being a dignified person was also given emphasis and how being true to one’s self can lead to a better understanding of the self. As a human being, it is sometimes inevitable for one not to be led by prejudice and preconceptions about other people, and most of the time, one underestimates the impact it can bring to another person’s life. One important message that was stressed in the movie is that tolerance is ideal and the recognition that intolerance may be around.