The Affects of Art in School

So many students are dropping out of school these days. If only there was art in schools.

Art will help more students’ talent come out. There will be more excitement in schools. The purpose of this essay is to show the positive effects of art in schools Art promotes talent. Art students can accomplish what they want to do because they will have more career options. They can get money for what they do because they can get a scholarship to an art school.

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They can be better at what they like. They can express themselves and their feelings. Kids can come out of their shell. They can see that there is nothing to worry about with art. Art can make someone’s lives wonderful at the end. Therefore, art can have a positive effect on people.

Art help their talent come out. There is going to be more excitement in schools. Kids can get scholarships for what they do. They can be better at what they like; it’s something that can help you stay out of trouble and stay in school too.