The aggregate global economy

The aggregate global economy is largely dependent on individual countries’ economies. Countries located in Asia have been very influential on Western economies. Imperialism, diseases and technology had a varying impact on Western powers’ conquests for resources that traded at a relatively lucrative profit margin.

First, through imperialism and technology, Western nations gained new territories that either harbored rich, much-sought-after minerals or were strategically located along major trading routes. Secondly, diseases had a two-way effect. The local inhabitants were resistant to some diseases that merchants were susceptible to; however, the merchants had medicines for some of the diseases that plagued the local inhabitants. Countries such as China, India and Japan were positively influenced by the expansion of the Asian economy due to the impact of trade from Western countries. Further, this prompted rapid expansion in their economies as trade volumes increased.

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Decolonization is a process whereby colonial masters relinquish their power over the colonies. These states become independent and are therefore eligible to participate in global politics as sovereign states. There are various political legacies of decolonization such as the displacement of populations and the demarcation of boundaries across ethnic boundaries that have continuously triggered ethnic clashes. Response 2 The world is conventionally regarded as following a paternalistic system. Men are dominant across major technical fields as well as education.

Nonetheless, globalization has availed a host of opportunities for Asian women. Currently, women are not tied down to domestic chores as it used to be earlier. In fact, a growing number of Asian women have become breadwinners for their families. Whereas this has had a positive impact on alleviating poverty and promoting social equality, Asian women continually face challenges in regards to poor wages and suppression of their basic labor rights. Therefore, women need to actively campaign for a fair playing ground that promotes an equal platform for both men and women.

Equality can be successfully achieved via women labor and social equality movements similar to the labor revolutions experienced in most Western economies in the 1960s.