The American Dream

The American Dream is the very foundation of this land’s success, without this ambition, this hope, this dream, this land’s wealth and power withers.

Countless immigrants come to the U.S. with great aspirations and fulfill them due to the opportunities and chances this nation offers them. These great aspirations are based upon the American Dream, the idea that this land offers prosperity, opportunities, and success that does not exist in other nations. Success can range from wealth to power, a man who sits right in between those lines is Elie Wiesel. He is a holocaust survivor, who made his fortune and legacy through enlightening the public of the plight of the minorities.

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Due to his actions, he is now a Nobel Laureate who achieved knighthood, the position as the Grand officer of the French Legion of Honor, and countless of other decorations and awards. Elie Wiesel, a man who was able to achieve the American Dream through the opportunities this land has presented to him such as, freedom of speech, financial support, and the belief in equality. Freedom of speech is something that has always been treasured and valued in this nation. This freedom granted Elie Wiesel the ability to address and bring to light the misfortunes of the minorities through writing books and giving speeches that changed the world. Without this liberty, his ideas would never have been voiced, the plight of the minorities would never have been addressed, and millions would live under the illusion that the world is equal to everyone. Elie took this liberty, and wielded it as a sword against oppression, while at the same time making his fortune that he would soon donate to his foundation, Elie Wiesel, foundation for a humane society.

Wiesel, not only achieved wealthy and prosperity but left a lasting impact upon many others, making him a true example of the American Dream. Many empires and fortunes begin at a modest loan, almost all financial support is offered to citizens. Elie Wiesel would never have been able to construct his foundation for a humane society and speak out against racism and oppression if it were not for the U.S. kindly offering him citizenship and giving him social welfare and the benefits of a citizen, after getting in a serious car accident in New York.

While he was hospitalized, he wrote his non-fiction books and the U.S. continued to supported him and give him medical treatment. This nation continued to be charitable towards him until he was able to publish his writing and pay for his own expenses. He later on was able to campaign against tyranny, and address serious issues, such as inequality due to the hospitality of the United States of America. Equality, is often called one of the most applied traits in the U.

S. While in many countries Jews were persecuted, this country supplied shelter for refugees, and because of this, many were able to live out there dream, The American Dream. Wiesel, was respected because of his knowledge, not because of his race, even though he was Jewish, he was not persecuted or segregated because of his religion. Through this liberty, he voiced his thoughts about serious issues, and was not muzzled in any way because of his religion. Thus he was able to bring to light the suffering of minority group and such. Equality allowed Elie to flourish and fight against oppression.

Equality, financial support, and freedom of speech, allowed Elie Wiesel to flourish and achieve what he thought to be the American Dream. This countries policies and ideas such as freedom of speech and equality allowed Elie to voice his thoughts and lead a crusade against inequality and oppression. Due to the fact that the U.S. gave him medical and financial support, allowed him to reach out to Americans and call for a better change in society.

With these three traits that this nation has offered to him, he able to weave his story of success into the American fabric. The American Dream is what every man dreams about, but few can take the road less taken and achieve their dreams with the help of the U.S.