The American dream is a great thing that is very difficult to define because it can have so many different meanings.

It is totally opinion based, so almost no definition is exactly alike.People from all over the world try to chase it, and people of all different ages dream of achieving it.Many people write about or direct the American dream so they can show people how they view it as.A couple of directors that do this are Martin Scorsese, and author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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Martin Scorsese uses the Wolf of Wall Street, and F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the Great Gatsby.Both of these views on the American dream are pretty similar, and I also agree with most of what they have to say about it.Then there is the Pursuit of Happiness directed by Gabriele Muccino.This is a different view of the dream.It’s different then the Great Gatsby, and Wolf of Wall Street because in Pursuit of Happiness he is one of the people chasing the American dream, and he was grown up in a different situation then Gatsby and Jordan Belfort.

In my eyes the American dream is about four things, love, money, family, and parties.These four things are very essential because without them you can’t truly be happy, and you won’t be living the dream.The first part is money, there are people out there that claim money can’t buy happiness, and don’t base your life off of making money.This is a very stupid point of view because money can get you pretty far in life.Money can get you that dream house that you always wanted, money can get you that dream car you always wanted, and anything else you’ve ever wanted.When you are able to start buying all these items I’m pretty sure you’ll start to find yourself pretty happy.

Then you have your family and love.This is very essential because everyone wants to find the love of their life, and someone to make them happy, and someone to share everything with.Family is so important because they are your support, and they will help you through tough times, and it gives you people to spend your time with, and people to spend your money with.Lastly there is the party side of it.Everyone loves the occasional party, and when that occasional party is able to be the best party people have been to because you have the money to make it that way then you will find yourself happier, and being able to have time to spend and enjoy with your family/friends.Now you are probably asking yourself why you should just believe some college kid.

Well you shouldn’t.However you should be listening to people such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Martin Scorsese, and Gabriele Muccino.Although they never lived what they wrote about they still are very aware of what they were talking about, and were able to change up parts to make it their view on the dream.If that’s not enough for you then maybe you should know how I got my idea on the American dream.I got it from my dad because for 20 years he was living it.

He worked on the NYSE, and had all the key factors in love, family, parties, and money.He was able to create his house, and create the one of his dreams, he was able to buy the car he always wanted, he was able to go skiing or go to Florida whenever he wanted, and lastly he was able to save money for me and my siblings so that we could come out of college debt free.Then over the summer he was able to throw a huge 4th of July party every year.If you ask my dad he was very happy during these times, and he would laugh at you if you said money can’t buy happiness, and to not decide your career based off money. In the Wolf of Wall Street Scorsese views it as money, family/friends, and parties.Jordan started off as just a regular any day person, but eventually worked hard, and was able to work his way up to making millions on millions.

With this money Jordan was able to do basically anything he wanted.He was able to buy a huge yacht for his wife on her birthday, he was able to buy a ridiculously expensive car, and he could travel where ever he wanted to.Then with all this money he was able to spend it with his friends, and was able to have a great time with his friends.If Jordan didn’t have friends or family in this movie then it would be certain that he wouldn’t be enjoying himself because he needed them to have fun with, and he needed them so he could live the American dream.Lastly there were parties.

He and his friends were almost always spending money on parties, and throwing some of the best parties anyone has seen.You could tell how much fun they were having, and how happy they were to have this money to spend on parties.