The Beatles

The Beatles maybe the best band ever. The four Beatles are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. In the summer of 1957 the Quarry men were setting up in a church when another member of the band introduced Lennon to Paul McCartney.

By February 1958 Lennon was moving towards rock’n roll. This prompted the banjo Player to quit. That gave McCartney an opportunity to introduce Lennon to his friend George Harrison. In 1959 the Quarry men split Lennon and McCartney continued their songwriting Together and Harrison joined the group. In 1960 Lennon, McCartney and Harrison were Joined by Drummer Pete Best. In 1962 Pete best was replaced by Ringo Starr, The Drummer of a popular Liverpool band Rory storm and the hurricanes.

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In September 1962 the bands First single “love me Do” was released reaching only 17th In the UK, It would be two years till it became number one in the U.S. There first album “please Please me” was released in 1963. After their second Album “with the Beatles” became only the second Album to sell over a Million copies in the UK. By 1964 the bands singles occupied the top five spots on the billboards Hot 100 chart.

The first Beatles movie was made in 1964. In 1965 the most ever to have attend a single concert packed into the New York Shea Stadium to see the Beatles. The Beatles second movie “Help” came out in 1965. In the summer Of 1966 the band was attacked by an angry crowd in the Philippines after turning down an Invitation to breakfast at the presidential palace. In august 1966 the band made there last public performance at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. In 1967 sgt peppers lonely hearts club band was released.

In 1968 the Beatles Created Apple records and in November released “the white album” Disputes, disagreements and disharmony among the band members gradually Increased. There last performance together was in January of 1969. In September 1969 the Beatles released let it be and then abbey road in may 1970 and In April the Beatles splits.