The Benefits of Memory Deletion During the PTSD Rehabilitation

Experiences and interactions affect the human mind tremendously. They determine peoples’ morals, ideologies, and establish the consciousness that every individual possesses, that makes them human. All of these experiences are stored within the brain, affecting our every move subconsciously, this storage process files memories.

Memories are powerful enough to create disorders by replaying experiences and triggering actions; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). is one debilitation that is caused by memories. According to the Nebraska Department of Veteran Affairs, an estimated 5.2 million Americans have PTSD on any given year. This disorder, along with other neural disorders, disrupts the lives of millions upon millions of Americans, however a solution to this horrid condition may be on the rise: memory deletion. Memory deletion is the manipulation of neural circuits through either drugs or techniques in an attempt to suppress or erase memories.

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In 1920, Karl Lashley was the first scientist to discover a method of manipulating memories. Since then scientists around the world have experimented and studied memory deletion, and as a product, have been able to suppress the memories of mice in experiments. These groundbreaking discoveries have the potential to change the lives of millions. Due to millions of Americans suffering from debilitating neural disorders and addiction issues, memory deletion is a beneficial method to utilize in some cases during the rehabilitation of these individuals. As with any innovation that has the possibility to improve the quality of human life, the affects it can have need to be thoroughly analyzed in order to anticipate the benefits and setbacks that can result from such an innovation. Since memory deletion is a process that has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of life for millions of individuals by determining what they recall about their life, this discovery must be studied extensively.

Therefore, less harmful suppression techniques should be implemented before the use of such drugs as Purified Cortrophin Gel and Protein Kinase Mzeta, in order to make an effort in ridding people of the disorder first by more discrete tactics. As PTSD and other neural disorders become more prevalent within modern society, their use in the rehabilitation of individuals could possibly terminate neural disorders and therefore, should be further analyzed and studied.