The cause and effect of stress

75% of the general population experience at least some stress every two weeks (Stress Facts).

Everyday life is full of annoying frustrations that cause people to become stressed. Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way (Helpguide). There are many different causes to stress such as finances, families, traumatic events, etc. People have different tolerance levels for how much stress they can handle. Once someone has reached their limit it becomes unhealthy to them.

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Stress it caused by many different hassles and can also cause many different problems. Most studies agree that finances are the leading cause of stress. In life people own many nice things however, everyone knows nice things are not cheap. When people own a house, car, and have children their expenses are very high and sometimes what they owe is less than their income salary. Also, the first time someone owns credit cards they max them out not realizing the debt they are getting into (Ezine).

If people are worrying about how everything is going to get paid, worrying how many hours they will have to work, and worrying about making payments it causes a huge amount of stress in their lives. The stress of finances ties into your work environment. People constantly have debt to pay off so they are always trying to get the best job with the best pay. Once people maintain a good job and are paying their bills on time there is always that little worry in the back of their head that they can get fired or laid off at any moment. Constant fear of losing or keeping a job puts people under a lot of stress. Without their jobs people cannot pay their bills.

If people do not pay their bills they can be evicted, file bankruptcy, and lose everything they have (Ezine). In addition, family is the most support and comfort a person has yet they are a leading cause of stress. There are many different surprises that can pop up in a family such as adding children, children moving out, grandparents moving in, divorces, arguments, etc (Healthline). Adding these causes in with the hassles people already have overloads a person with stress. The most important people in someone’s life is their family so when something serious happens to one member of the family it is like a weight is put on their chest. Ones family means everything to them so to hear a member of the family is hurt or sick causes a person to worry until they are better.

When people worry too much it causes stress upon them (Stress;Relaxation). Furthermore, some stressors are a lot more serious which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. People who have suffered a traumatic event such as being robbed or raped have to live with long-term stress (Healthline). When something to this extent has happened to someone they will never be able to forget it. They will live with the constant fear of it happening again which is not good for their health.

Another event that can cause long-term stress is the veterans who served in war (Healthline). This is a life threatening situation that can cause post-traumatic stress disorder. Once people go off to war they never come back the same person, they will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder for as long as they live. On the other hand, people who live with stress for so long can hurt their health seriously causing bigger problems. Stress is the reason for two thirds of the total visits to the physician (Stress;Relaxation). Once people have to live with stress in their everyday lives it becomes too much to handle and starts to affect their health.

Coronary artery diseases, cancer, accidents, and respiratory diseases can all be effects of stress. Stress can also aggravate some illnesses such as hypertension, insomnia, and diabetes (Stress;Relaxation). If people do not find a way to manage the stress in their lives it can lead to bigger problems for them. Also, if people already suffer from an illness, stress just makes the illness ten times worse to deal with (Healthline). In the end, stress is caused by many different hassles in life and can lead to even bigger problems.

Everyone should try to minimize the things that cause stress upon them because it will only worsen their health in the end. Stress will follow everyone where ever they go but people can learn different strategies to deal with it. People all over the world deal with stress on a daily basis so to know how to manage stress will be beneficial for everyone. Citations Anna Hart. “Seven Leading Causes of Stress.” Ezine Articles.

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