The Choice is Yours


Acontroversial issue in some ways in all countires but especially in America. Health is defined not only as our physical well being but also as our mental well beings because all of this combined is what creates a healthy person. A person with perfect mental health could be 800 pounds and dying while a person that looks like the picture of health could be devloping an eating disorder. there is no set look to health yet alot of thimes we act like health and fitness are a way we look not the way we act. There are two types of people in this world : creators and victims.

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Victims blame the outside world for their problems while Creators acnoqledge the fact they create their own circumstances ; this is something often being overlooked about health today . There are circumstances where certain diseases both mentally and physically cannot be helped but more often than not soemthing we did or something we didn’t do is the cause of the problem. Ill give you an example. say your someone that your entire life you don’t pay attention to the sugar count on food and you become heavier . This puts you at risk for diabetes as well as cardiac issues , if you had paid attention to the nutrition label this wouldn’t have happened so therefore it is your own fault ; but if you say that it is genetic you are only half right.

Most health issues have a heretatory issue but in the end the main cause is our lifestyle and our enviorment. That goes back to one of the main questions of psychology which isnature vs nuture or in other regards is it our enviorment or our genetics which shape who we are. So that is the main question I am going to awnser today as I write this piece. Is our health determined by genetic factors or by enviormental factors. Well lets look at genetics and the basic parts of the human body first.

The main control panel of the body is the brain. The brain has many parts including the hippocampus, the amydala, the hypothalmus, the thalamus , the cerebellum , the medulla , etc. Each of these parts has a specific function. The hippocampus for examples stores memories and is associated with short and long term memory. The amygdala is associated with emotions which can be triggered by memories.

All of these parts interact through neurons. Neurons are the transporting centers of the brain . They transport messages to the brain and motor neurons transfer messages from the brain . This results in an ongoing transportation system. This is the basics of the human body. This being said I have neglected to mention one thing.

The endocrine system. The endocrine system secreates certain hormones which control fear and arousal. These hormones are the things which control our reactions. All of this combined is what creates general health. Our general health is also created by a need for circadian rythms and homeostasis if we do things to upset this balance this hurts us and this leads me into enviormental factors. Enviormental factors have two catagories physical and mental .

We contribute to our physical health by avoiding injuries by warming up and cooling down . This also includes eating right , drinking water, and excerising properly. And than there’s mental health. This includes staying unstressed as well as maintaining a proper self image as well as devloping healthy relationships. I wont awnser the question for you , its up to you to decide. with everything ive said what do you think contributes more to health and well being , enviormetal or hereditary factors?