The Common Core? You Mean the Common Bore

“What did You learn today?”That is a question many parents ask their children after school.Most schools in the United States are falling short of world standards.In other countries, children succeed to higher standards in academics as well as in creativity, which is not a core value in American schools.The Common Core State Standards is not an effective system for our country.

The CCSS emphasizes testing to an absurd degree, such as the PARCC test (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers).The Anxiety and Depression Association of America states that standardized test anxiety can cause nausea and even panic attacks. The CCSS sets standards that allow no room for change.The problem in the United States with education is not a one size fits all problem, so it cannot use a one size fits all solution like the common core state standards. Unlike the CCSS states, it does not promote college and career readiness standards.This is because in the real world you need creativity to succeed.

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The CCSS teaches that all schools should teach the same thing with no variations.The CCSS looks down on creativity.Is this how you want your children to learn in school? Although many people say the CCSS is helpful when kids move, teaching the same subjects does not mean their schools are teaching everything in order.At Nathan Bishop Middle School in Providence, Rhode Island, 84% of students are enrolled in the school for at least 170 days of the 180 days that we have. This is why we we should abolish the CCSS.It is doing more harm than good.The faster we abolish the common core the more minds we open up to creative thinking.