The Dancer That Never Danced

Dear Mr Fillinger, In my play ” The Dancer That Never Danced ” , arelationship between a mother and her daughter turns into a hatred disaster . Rio a seventeen year old girl who had been dancing her entire life gets the opportunity to get a scholarship for the performing arts of Juilliard . Nothing could get in her way , or distract her . She was determined to get this scholarship. With her talented coach Gabriel who has been her coach for years trains her twenty four seven so she can get in .

With long practices and sleepless nights, Rio never quit.With her best friend Patricia by her side supporting her. Luna , Rio’s mother . Unsupportive since the day Rio started dancing . You can say she began to have this jealousy towards her , since she was a single parent and didn’t have anyone else but Rio , Luna felt abandoned since Rio had a hectic schedule . No bonding between them .

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Luna and Rio’s relationship gets more tense when Rio tells her mom about the scholarship . Rio had dreams of going to Juilliard her entire life . She was determined on going . Rio got a phone call one day during a normal day of school . It was her coach Gabriel , calling her very enthusiastically .

He had told her that all the hard work and never ending dance routines have paid off . He had gotten her an audition for Juilliard. If she gets in she is guaranteed a full scholarship ! Rio couldn’t help but be super excited about this opportunity she told her best friend Patricia. But there was one person left to tell , Luna . Gabriel warned Rio that if she doesn’t tell her mother things won’t go the way they planned. After school one day , it was lunch time .

Rio got home from and very calmly explained to her mother about the scholarship. Luna right away did not like the idea. After hours of arguing .Luna stillrefused to let Rio audition. Rio was devastated, she spoke to Patricia and told her what her mother said.

Patricia suggested that Rio should follow her dreams. Rio listened to Patricia and called Gabriel to tell him that she was going to audition. That same morning of the audition Rio tried to carefully leave her house without her mother knowing. But as her backpack hit the stair case her mother awakened. Luna was very furious she had no words to say.

Rio was startled , but tried to tell her mother she was going to the audition. No words came out of Luna’s mouth. Luna tried to stop Rio but ends up pushing her down the staircase . Rio was injured . Is Rio’s injury serious or can she recover on time? Thank you for your time , Laura E.