The Death Penalty

Whether or not the Death Penalty is effective have been a constant debate and a hot issue in all factions of thought in the country. The law of retaliation, “an eye for an eye” is considered inhuman and barbaric by some people while others believe that it is the best way to control and prevent crimes in the future. There is a thin line between justice and oppression, which needs to be traversed with care and caution.

Humans are only mortals and so are bound to make mistakes – there is a recompense for every error and chances are given to every individual to make up for their past blunders. However, there are some sins that cannot be undone. It is here that the justice should prevail because once an innocent prisoner is executed; there is nothing that can be done to make amends. Although forensic science and technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decades and the police and law enforcement agencies are thorough and immaculate in their investigations, there is still a meager chance that the person might be innocent. If he or she is then executed then there shall be loss of one more contributing member of the society while the actual culprits of the crime roam free in the streets.

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The reason capital punishments are endorsed to set a glaring example for others who plan mischief. Death Penalty of the Electric chair is a grave means to an end of oppression, transgression and is the ultimate justice for the precious loss of life. An eye for an eye and life for a life. However, if the murderer did not commit the crime in cold blood but was overcome with emotion and anger, he or she has the chance to pay blood money and serve time in prison instead of facing the Electric chair. Criminologists world over argue that death penalty is not exactly a strong deterrent to future criminal acts because this punishment is served within the confines of state penitentiary and the general public only hears about it in a five minute news report or a short story in the local newspaper.

In the past, death penalty was given in front of the whole city to let the harsh punishment be ingrained in the minds of all and fear instilled in the masses so that they think twice or even thrice before committing such a crime. Such were the medieval times and back then, the death penalty did indeed lower crime rate but modern age is a whole new story.An important argument presented against this capital punishment is that the system that deals violence with violence shall only lead to more violence. The other side of the picture is that if such criminals are kept locked up in maximum security prisons and is made to face lengthy court trials; it will only increase the burden of the state. Death penalty can never be outlawed otherwise crime rate shall increase, and there will be no hope for justice.

However, there is much room for improvement in the overall system of law to ensure that the culprits are always caught fast.