The Definition of "I"

“Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out.

” However my day to day living has not worn me out yet. My name is Derek and this quote is a great example of my life so far. The person I am now has been carved out of my day to day life and forms the personality I have now. Currently, I am a senior in high school and have maintained the relatively good grades of As and Bs throughout school. I am not in any sports but I do like hockey, still I would find myself spending more time reading a book than watching sports.

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My hobbies are playing online games and messing around with computers. I am who I am today because of all the choices I make, things I learn and people who influence me while I move forward in life. Throughout my life I have encountered obstacles and hardships but I press on through them and they shaped me into the person I am. Most of the obstacles I face are problems that arise from my every day life. I have been in honors classes before senior year, but this year I have 2 AP classes.

Since I took these classes the work assigned was much harder with a greater quantity of homework than usual. This obstacle has been one of the most repetitive problems I face. Since I dealt with this so much I have become a very hard worker. I am also good at organizing work so I don’t get overwhelmed when the deadlines are near. This has shaped the part of my personality that is very determined and organized. When I know something needs to be done Ill always get it done.

The person who was always encouraging me through all of my work was my older brother Alex. He had a similar experience because he had some honors classes too, so Alex encouraged me and told me that “don’t worry, its seems suffocating at first but you’ll get used to it and turn into a hard worker that can deal with any problem.” It is thanks to this day to day life I have, that I’ve turned into the person that I am today, a hard working, and organized individual. Some other parts of my personality are shaped by the people I meet and the goals I have. In my life so far I have meet many different people and I have to say without a doubt the people that have the biggest influence on my life are my friends and classmates.

These people helped developed the part of my personality that is kind, fair and reasonable. I have many different friends who are all unique in their own way. Since I have honors classes I spend a lot of time with classmates who are also in the honors and AP classes. These friends are all smart and have a wide array of enjoyable personalities. These people impact me and make me cheerful too.

A large part of my kindness is due to the kindness I was shown by my friends. Even my classmates that are in the normal classes are fun to be around. By being with them I learned how to act similarly and make it enjoyable for other people to be around me. Just like the students, the teaches I have for my classes impact my life in large and even unnoticeable ways. It was thanks to my chemistry teacher telling me “You did better on this test than anyone over the last seven years” that my determination increased. I always felt that I was serious about my career but then I became completely determined to pursue a career in medical science.

I am the person I am today because of all the choices I make, challenges I face and people I meet while trying to progress forward in life. While writing this personal statement I learned that I have experienced a lot and worked hard to maintain and succeed in the honors classes I took. I never realized how much actual effort I put into school and how difficult it really is. I also never truly thought much about or appreciated my friends. I am very thankful for their kindness and the support they have given me. My personality of being hardworking, kind, determined and reasonable has been shaped by all of the people in my life.

As I move forward in life I am sure to meet more people and my personality will surely change even more for the better.