The Dilemma of "The Choice"

Student life and specifically, the bachelor phase is surely the most crucial phase of everybody’s life.It’s that time of your life when you’re only just starting to learn the ropes of adulting. It’s actually the phase when you feel as if you’ve been given freedom of choice but given the restrictions in a desi society regarding things such asthe choice of a career path, it doesn’t seem like it. it sucks at times to have a lot of limitations that you know you can break off of anytime, but you don’t for the sake of “tradition”, “convention” and in general, stuff that holds you back from being you. It sure gets exhausting, at times even threatening, moulding you into something that you’re not, making you believe in something that’s probably merely a part of a “scheme”.

There really does come a stage when you realise that what you’re doing is maybe not what you wanted to do in the first place, that the career path you’ve chosen, the course of study that you’re currently enrolled in, is maybe something you’ve been going at for the sake of other’s happiness and other’s wishes. But why though? Why would you go after stuff that don’t make you happy in the first place? To “fit in”? To not be a “disappointment”? To not be the only one without a decent means of earning in the end? Tell you what though, even if all or few of the above mentioned reasons might be true, it’s never too late to make things turn around just to be in your favour. Here are a few tips that you can actually follow through to have a better idea: For starters, don’t be conscious about what anybody else thinks, it’s YOUR life and in the end it’s YOU who gotta live with the choices that you make. So besides listening to suggestions (and that too coming from people who have “experience ” in the related matter) about what career path you should go for, do NOT ever let anybody decide for your future just because it helps you “fit in” or “blend in” with the rest of the society. Secondly, be confident about your choices and never ever make one without plenty of research and self satisfaction.

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Even if you’re not satisfied with one choice, there’s really no rush, take your time and think it through Thirdly you shouldn’t ever be shy to ask for guidance or help from a senior who has experience in the same field that you opt for, go ahead and ask away. If you’re interested in a field, having a few questions regarding it and being concerned is never a bad sign. And last but not the least, DONOT judge a career path by the amount of money it makes in the present. There’s really never a guarantee that a profession will or will not be a suitable means for earning in the future for you. Every individual functions in a different way and so every individual has different capability for contributing to their respective fields which determines whether or not it’s a good means of earning for that particular individual. So if you’re interested in a field or a career path and the only thing holding you back is the “society” or the pressure to fit in.

Then I say go ahead and change the norms. You’re not just gonna be one to break the stereotypes but also aninspiration for the future bachelors who’d be facing the same dilemma of choosing a “good enough” career path for themselves.