The Dominican Republic

I decided to make a poster about the Dominican Republic. In the story ‘’ Daughter of invention ” Cukita, the main character, talks a lot about her background in the Dominican Republic. She was born in NYC, but moved to the Dominican Republic when she was only 10 months, and spent her first 10 years there.

After her father got involved with over throwing the Dictator, Rafael Trujillo, they had to rush out from the Dominican Republic and back to America.This was not easy for the family, especially Cukita. Moving to America meant learning English, and making new American friends. In the story it states that Cukita’s mom would snap if her sisters would speak in Spanish to her. Even after leaving the Dominican Republic, they always felt Trujillo’s presence, or at least Trujillo’s spies. In my poster, I included a picture of Trujillo.

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Under the picture was basic information about him, and the impact he had in the Dominican Republic. I thought this was a must-have in my poster because back then, Trujillo had a lot of impact on the way people viewed and lived in the Dominican Republic. In the story “Daughter of Invention” Cukita refers to her father as Trujillo, with intentions to offend him. This tells me that Cukita views Trujillo as a bad person. I also listed 3 famous Dominicans.

I did this because like Julia Alvarez, there are many other famous Dominicans with their own story and point of view of the Dominican Republic. I included a map of the Dominican Republic, pointing out every city,and a picture of how a beach in the Dominican Republic would look like. In the space I had left, I listed many interesting facts about the Dominican Republic.