The Effects of an Early School Start

There are many challenges with school, things like waking up early enough to get there on time is a problem for many. For one getting up at 6 in the morning is difficult for many young adults.

It has many effects on kids things like, getting an insufficient number of hours to sleep, and stress on kids to get to school on time. This year, unlike most, Treasure Mountain Junior High has had over 1,000 more tardies than the year previous. They have rooms full of kids that have lunch detention because of their tardies. Kids that have sports especially know how hard it is for them to get to sleep at a time where getting to school on time is not an issue. Kids are getting an insufficient amount of sleep and getting to school on time is an issue for many students.

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Student athletes have an especially hard time getting to bed at a time where sleep is not an issue. For instants I have practice everyday after school from three to five, after that I drive down to Salt Lake for practice from eight to ten. I get home close to eleven and then have to take a shower, so I am going to bed around 11:15 almost every night. Doctors recommend that kids get nine hours of sleep a night. Lack of sleep can cause fatigue and depression.

Many young adults have to go to bed at a much earlier time, this allows them to get up early and finish homework that they could not finish through the day time. Kids especially this year are having a really hard time getting up, and the effects really take a toll on the school. School is very important for young students especially those looking to get sports scholarships. There grades must be good to get into a good colleges where they can excel. Lack of sleep prevents kids of having a good educated day, to where all that was taught was nearly lost.

There is a risk especially for athletes in school, if you have practice at night and are getting home a 11, you’re are going to get an insufficient amount of sleep. This is just another reason that we should push the time of when school starts;t we should have it at a reasonable time to where kids are at least getting 9 hours of sleep a night. To where kids don’t have to worry about getting up super early to make sure they don’t miss the bus. Many kids miss breakfast every morning because they don’t have enough time to eat because, of the worry of being late to school. Kids need breakfast in the morning, it gives them the energy for the rest of the day, so in the end they get are getting a good educated day. Some kids even have to do homework in the morning because they don’t have enough time throughout the day.

They get up early enough so that they have plenty of time to finish their homework and get it all done. You just offer more time to kids to get their homework done if you push back the start of school to a later time. It doesn’t require that much time either, a half an hour to an hour is plenty enough. But getting up to go to school in the dark is just nonsense, it’s too early in the morning for young adults. Elementary kids are up by 7 anyway, why not have their school start at a later time than ours.

All that would be effected if we moved the start time of school back an hour would be the schedule and the times of the schedule. In the end pushing back school times would not only give advantages but it would open up opportunities for success. It would allow young student athletes to get good sleep, good nutrition, and it will also allow them to finish much needed homework. There are so many more advantages than disadvantages, there is no big problem of getting out of school a little later. I would rather get good grades, than to have less school and get out at a later time.

I would also like to watch my sleep because lack of sleep can lead to depression and fatigue. It also allows for kids to come in early and get help from teachers if they need to. Its not asking much it’s just to push it back half an hour or so.