The Effects of Steroids

Let me get that Juice man, that gym candy, those pumpers. You want to know what all that means? All of those are names for steroids and the way people say them to make it more private. Steroids are the highest used drugs by all athletes.

From baseball all the way to body builders. It’s used all around the U. S and in different countries to improve performance. Everyone always looks at the good in steroids. Not a lot have taken the time to look at the bad. The permanent damages on the human body are caused by this highly dangerous drug.

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Is it a big deal? Yea it is because the side effects to this drug are dangerous to the human body. There are a lot of highly addictive drugs out there. From crack to weed, it all gets highly addictive. One drug not a lot of people would think of off the top of their head is Steroids. Anabolic Steroids is a drug that is taken to Increase mass, and performance by the human body. One way steroids come is in pill form.

A lot of guys get the pill form to make it seem like a medication and place it in a prescription bottle. It covers up the look and makes it seem regular. Another way is in cream or patches of the drug. This covers it up also and a lot of people wouldn’t think anything of it. Steroids take on different effects to different genders. Steroids to a man’s body reacts differently then steroids to a woman’s body.

When a male “juices” up it basically affects his manhood in many ways. Males risk a lot of big things including the biggest is shrinking of the testicals. Another way that affects their manhood is they start to develop breasts. Those are 2 physical ways that affect men. By taking Steroids it shrinks the testicals down to an abnormal size. : Also they develop something called gynocomestia which makes them womanly by having breast.

A lot of body builders or athletes develop that which makes it very noticeable. Another change in men that is huge is their anger. So many guys have taken steroids and experience anger like they never had before. They are all like ticking time bombs waiting for the littlest thing to set them off. A lot of them are led to hurting themselves, others, and even suicide.

The majority of people that associate themselves with Steroids are men. But there are the select few of women that decide to. It changes A LOT about them. The main effect females experience is deepness in voice. They will have this peppy voice beforehand but after that all that changes.

By taking steroids it thickens the vocal cord causing the women’s voice to deepen tremendously. Another side affect for women is facial hair and baldness. Once women get in the cycles of steroids they start to grow hair. Girls have low amounts of facial hair but with steroids it increases a lot. The chemicals in steroids cause women to start losing their hair.

Steroids react in all different ways to people’s bodies. It takes a huge toll on causing death for most by overusing it. The main problem it causes with peoples insides are it develops liver cancer. It’s mostly caused in men because of their overuse in steroids. It affects so many athletes’ lives and most make it a serious problem for them. It affects them permanently most of the time actually causing death when they don’t expect it.

Another symptom it causes is high blood pressure. It basically puts the body in overdrive which a lot of the time people can’t handle it. High blood pressure it pushed on to most men and women using it. There are a lot of positives in steroids, its down the line where the negatives come into play and damage people’s lives. It is a very dangerous drug so if you want to make a physical change your better off going all natural and staying away from that. People can learn to stay far away from it.

You don’t have to take steroids to look big or feel good about yourself. Get a personal trainer; go on a plan for you to improve looks. People shouldn’t support this drug, because if you look at the negatives you’ll realize it is not right and you’ll want to stay away from it.