The Epidemic

Perhaps the largest problem is the fact that it is considered an art rather than the moral lapse it should be. Cheating is obviously wrong, but natural.

As long as competition exists, there will always be some degree of it. However, the dilemma arises when people cheat with a sense that it is completely okay. It is when the morality of the brain erodes that the simple problem of cheating exacerbates. Not only is it done, but it is accepted and expected. In fact, it is prevalent enough so that cheating doesn’t even provide advancement; it is only not cheating that creates a true impediment. Our society has lost its humanity, the conscious which forever drives it towards right.

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It all has an effect. It all comes at a cost. If a society as a whole, or even a majority cheat, then its achievement isn’t real. The society cannot advance for know not one of the so-called “brillant minds” understands how it all works. Cheating cannot be continually substituted for true understanding. It doesn’t work.

It isn’t sustainable. In short— to cheat is to say “I deserve the best without having to work for it.”