The Famer's Essay

The Famers/settlers moved to the west looking for a new beginning to start over. When they got to the west the Indians were there, but they didn’t know that the Indians where there. So it was difficult for them, but the famers/settlers had some challenges and later on they found their solutions. Therefore the famers/settlers had some challenges when they were moving/living in the west.

Some of the challenges were farming and the land wasn’t plentiful. For example the farming was strength from somewhere to fight the environment (

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They had to fight the environment because that what they had to do to grow their crops (Video). Another example is that the land wasn’t plentiful because the cause of it was the farmers yielded the crop and it wasn’t at the high demand because of consumerism. This means that the effect was that the populist party which called for an increased and the amount of money in arcucurcation, government assistance to help farmers repay loans, tariff reductions, and a graduated income tax. Besides the famers/settlers moved to the west, they took the Native Americans/ Indians land. But when the native Americans/ Indians were left with not a whole bunch of things, such as land, natural resources and ect… because the people that were movignt o the west they moved the Indians and the Indians had to move somewhere else (Video).

This means that one of the solutions was christiany. The reason why there was christiany was because the kids went to school so that they can get an education. This means that they weren’t very rich and they didn’t have a whole bunch of jobs, so they didn’t have a whole bunch of money for the schools. One of the other of the solutions was endless opportunies. This means that they would have more jobs that they can work at.

For example when the people that moved west and made their homes and had a living. Then some other people made the towns for people can have new jobs and get better paying job, so they can afford their homes and whatever else they had to do. This means that anyone is looking for work in the big city because everyone wants to have money. As you read my essay you can see that moving to the west wasn’t easy for the farmers/settlers and you can see how they overcome their challenges. Another thing is that whenever you moved to a different place and you are not familiar with the place then you tend to make it somewhere you will be familiar with.

In this case that is what the famers/settlers did when they moved to the west.