The farewell

Farewell is a time when even the worst students get blessings from principal, teachers and their classmates. A time when our face smiles but soul cries.

A time when fear comes into our mind about leaving our routine and setting into another time table.A time when we have a fear of leaving our friends. A time when we promise our loved ones to be in touch even after the school gets over. A time when we say good bye but don’t feel to leave. A moment when we feel we have everything but are left with nothing. A time when we say thank you to everyone and sorry for our mistakes.

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A time when enemies become friends. A time of last celebration in our school. No matter however the school is we still wish to be there for we have our best memories in it. This was one such moment of the students of class 12th of our school. Students were greeting their teachers with gifts and cards, signing autograph books and taking blessings for their future. Even teachers felt bad that their students are leaving them.

Some students were crying and I was wondering why should they cry when they can be in contact through phones and social networking sites. But then I asked myself a question, will I be able to leave my friends after 12th even though there are phones and social networking sites. The answer that came was a big No. I could not imagine a single moment without them because they are like the air I breathe, the water I drink and the food I eat. Then I understood the feelings of the class 12th students.

How terrible they might be feeling at that moment? That was the moment I realised that being close teaches us the message of life but going far away also gives us the hope and spirit of a new beginning…….