The Faults of Odysseus' Men

In Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey Odysseus’ men are ultimately responsible for their own demise. For example, when they were on Helios’ island, Odysseus told them “the cattle here are not for our provision,/ or we pay dearly for it. (12.855-856)” Even though Odysseus had warned them how dangerous it would be to eat the cattle, because the were so hungry they did it anyway, which upset the god so much that he killed all of the men. Similarly, when they heard Circe’s singing they trusted her purely because she was so beautiful and acted so kindly to them, then suddenly “Scarce they had drunk when she flew after them/with her long stick and shut them in a pigsty-(10.

570-571)” This led to the death of all those men, even though Odysseus had warned them to be careful, they were so easily persuaded that they didn’t even think about it. In conclusion, Odysseus’ men ultimately led to their own deaths through their irresponsibility and selfishness.

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