The First Amendment

The U.

S Constitution has been changed and modified by amendments throughout the years, since it’s creation. The first ten amendments of our constitution are called “The Bill of Rights.” All the amendments included in the “Bill of Rights” are all important to our government. I believe that the most important is the first amendment. This amendment states the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.

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For centuries countries have continuously fought over a country’s overall religion. The first amendment declares that the people have the undeniable right to choose their own religion. This gives the government no control over a citizens religious beliefs. It’s true that some people in different parts of the world do not agree with this amendment. For example, the war in Iraq has been influenced greatly because of this freedom. Even with this fact in mind, I still believe that the first amendment is of great importance.

It gives most Americans peace of mind because that they can seek god in their own way. We can feel like individuals, all different but in good ways. Another freedom addressed in the first amendment is freedom of speech. Think back to the seventies, when many teenagers became hippies and spoke out against the government. Such citizens were protected from prosecution because of their freedom of speech. However, this doesn’t mean if someone (like your parents) tell you not to say something don’t say, “I am a citizen of America too, so I have a freedom of speech.

” Trust me, its a bad idea, been their done that. The last freedom mentioned in the first amendment is the freedom of press. Most people today think this freedom is being abused by magazines and newspapers. Have you ever herd the saying,”The people have a right to know”? Don’t get confused their is no such right written in our constitution, but because of freedom of press Americans do have the right to publish what they want even if the truth is being stretched. This freedom isn’t all bad.

Many jobs and economic stability has come from `this growth in gossip. In conclusion, the first amendment is the most important amendment listed in the constitution. For one thing they must have been very special if they were first among many. So lets celebrate our freedom of religion, speech, and the press.