The Forgotten Base

In the Desert landscape of Nevada lays a city called Las Vegas (“Sin City”).

83 miles North-Northwest from the city lays Groom Lake and a Secret Military Base called Area 51. During World War 2 the U.S Government created this base to get an upper hand on the enemy during the war. This base was controlled by the U.S Air Force.

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The base was in charge of creating new technology like new fighters, tanks and other military weapons. The base had many programs like the U-2 Program, the X-15 Program, the OXCART Program, the D-21 Program and the F-117 Program. The U.S government has kept this base secret because of the conspiracies behind the base and cause of “National Secret” reasons. Some conspiracies that the base has been involved with are that there are aliens in the base and alien ships in the base.

One of the stories relate to the Roswell problem. This was the story that says a UFO crashed in the town and was soon taken to the base. The thing that made it headlines all over the country was that the bodies recovered were alien bodies. The government says it was the Russians idea of joke by testing one of their new aircrafts and the bodies were deformed children’s bodies. Since the end of The Cold War the base has been working slower than during the war. Even the modern day war has not given the base power to work on big projects.

The base today is worth less. The only thing that keeps the conspiracy’s around if the connection to The Bermuda Triangle. Some say that the 2 are connected, but nobody can prove this story. I wrote this article to show people that what the government says is not true. The base is real.

Nobody ever lives to tell the story of the base thanks to the High ranking government officials that protect the area. (For more on the Bermuda Triangle look at the story called “Triangle Hell”)